No weight ticket is given

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No weight ticket is given

Postby canon825 » Fri Mar 20, 2020 3:49 am


I am moving from South California to New Jersey.
The movers came yesterday to pick up my goods.
Currently, my goods are in transit now.
One thing I am uncomfortable about moving was the total weight.
They said total weight is 8975 lbs, which resulted in double from quotation.
The cubic foot I assume is less than 700 cubic foot because I moved last year using Uhaul 15' truck (Volume: 764 cu. ft.) and the truck was filled about or less than 80%. Also, I did not purchase any furniture during the last year.
So, let say the volume is about 700 cubic foot (assumption) and the total weight is 8975 lbs.
Does this make sense? The mover said it is 8975 lbs, but I found that there is no total weigh on the contract signed. Also, they did not provide weight ticket. Customer support said they will not provide re-weigh service when unloading.
What should I do? Please advice me.

30 small boxes with books. I know these are heavy.
10 small boxes from kitchen.
20 medium boxes with clothes.
10 large boxes with other house goods such as shoes, tools and etc
1 x large refrigerator.
1 x 65" tv
3 x ikea chest of drawer
8 x plastic boxes with clothes
1 x heavy queen mattress
1 x box spring
2 x office chair
2 x ikea book shelf
and several small items more.

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Re: No weight ticket is given

Postby chptrkrules2 » Thu Apr 02, 2020 1:32 pm

If the mover is legit you can request a reweigh at delivery.

If you used a moving broker you are probably outta luck. They don't care to have your business again.

If you're not sure if you hired a broker you can usually tell because brokers require a deposit and they don't come do a visual and just do everything over the phone.

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