AVOID Redlands Moving & Storage, Big Bear Moving, Move Guru - SAME COMPANY & ROGUE MOVERS

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AVOID Redlands Moving & Storage, Big Bear Moving, Move Guru - SAME COMPANY & ROGUE MOVERS

Postby elviradecuir » Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:23 pm

In June 2019, James from Redlands Moving & Storage did an in-home walk-through and provided a quote for moving our items from CA to TX. After deliberation, we decided to go with Redlands Moving & Storage to move our belongings and car – we agreed to pay a little bit more to have our own truck so we would receive our items within a specified time frame. A few days before the move we were informed by their coordinator Richele that their larger truck was held up in WA by another customer and that they only had a smaller truck available for us and that it would not fit our car as initially agreed upon.
We agreed to use their packers, initially agreed to 2 packers for a couple hours. Well they sent 3 packers, which was more expensive and notified us that we had to pay for a minimum of 4 hours - that was never advised or discussed previously. Also, they offered packing materials and boxes for free (in writing) if we paid cash. Well they tried to get out of that and after I argued with them, they offered half off instead of FREE as they committed to in writing. On moving day, once the entire truck was loaded, we were advised that they could not fit the rest of our stuff in the truck. This was extremely frustrating as I had asked several times if it would all fit in the smaller truck and was ensured that it would. Being that that was not the case, it would have been nice if they would have advised us halfway through the loading process that everything would not fit so we could have prioritized our items. We were left to donate, throw away, and give away several of our items at the last minute, which was awful.

Three days later, after we had already made it to TX, we received a call from the moving company that the truck was overweight and that they had to drop 3000 lbs off the truck in order to drive it to us. This infuriated me as they waited until we were in another state to inform us when we may have had the option to make alternative arrangements had we known sooner and while we were in CA. Not only was this stressful and awful, but Richele had the audacity to have an attitude with us about the situation. Her terrible resolution to the mess they created was to charge us more to deliver the items they had to remove from the truck and couldn't promise to deliver it sooner than a month later. They also didn't show us the weigh receipts of the truck or send us photos and inventory of the items removed from the truck after several requests.

Once the owner got here with our other items, we pressed him to get an inventory list and work out a plan for our remaining items, which we ended up paying another company to move them to TX. Out of the items they did bring to us, they damaged several of our items in the move and after completing their claim process for reimbursement of $0.60 per lb per item they have not paid us what is owed. We have emailed (which is no longer valid) and called several times and we've either been given the run-around or ignored. I've tried to give them time to make this right, but they have no interest in doing so. I feel that we experienced a "rogue" mover and I don't want any other consumers to have the awful moving fraud experience we had and would like to warn them about doing business with MOVE GURU INC and any of their associated DBA's. During our time of business with this company we communicated with James, Richele, Deb, and David multiple times.

I filed a complaint w/BBB against 2 of the DBA's and the company is stating they are no longer in business on one complaint and that their identity was stolen on the other business. I am really disappointed in BBB due-diligence in researching this company and not allowing me to post my complaint on the site simply because the company said they were out of business and their identity was stolen - they have not furnished proof to support their claims and I've provided a lot of proof that they are the same company, family-owned business, and taking advantage of consumers.
:twisted: Here is my additional research/response to BBB regarding this company - Move Guru DBA Redlands Moving & Storage and Big Bear Moving (please don't let them get away with this any longer):

I am rejecting this response because: it is a lie, and this makes no sense at all. They've made up this excuse in order to not take responsibility for the amount owed to us for damaging our furniture as stipulated in our contract. Can they furnish proof of the lawsuit they are claiming? Did they sue each other because as you’ll see below the same 3 people are associated with all these companies?

We unfortunately made a poor decision in not securing additional insurance, but minimally they owe us $0.60 per lb. as stipulated in their contract. Regardless of their excuse, my contract shows Move Guru Inc., DBA Redlands Moving/Big Bear Moving/Beach Boys Moving, and we received an estimate and delivery of our items by the owner, James Rogers and worked with him within the June - July 2019 time frame. (You will find James's name associated with all 3 companies on the attached documents.) The business card I received during our estimate with James has Big Bear Moving & Storage, Inc. with Redlands Moving & Storage, Inc right underneath and states it’s a family-owned and operated business. (Please see the attached photo.) You will also find this video on their website identifying James (the same person we met during the estimate and delivered a portion of our items) as the owner of Redlands Moving/Big Bear Moving (scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the logo and at the top you’ll see Move Guru): https://bigbearmoving.com/meet-the-inte ... ving-team/

Move Guru, Big Bear Moving, & Redlands Moving & Storage are affiliated and/or related as the same individuals are involved with all of them. (They also have other business names that they operate under.) It appears they operate under multiple names so they can take advantage of customers and make-up these sorts of excuses/stories to pass blame and not take ownership - this is misleading and fraudulent.

If you look at my attachments that I pulled from the California's Secretary of State website, you will see the following:

Big Bear Moving, Inc. Articles of Incorporation was filed 4/29/2002 with John G Wurm as the service agent for C2413781 You’ll find Randall Rogers on the Statement of Information filed 6/7/11. This company is currently on FTB suspension. However, another Statement of Information was filed for Big Bear Moving Inc on 6/24/17 under C3474273 and you’ll find James Rogers, David Case, and Randall Rogers all on this filing. The recent filing 7/29/19 removes James and David, keeping Randall Rogers and using Lawrence Bynum as their agent for service.

Redlands Moving & Storage's Articles of Incorporation were filed w/the State of CA 9/26/14 and Move Guru's Articles of Incorporation were filed with the State of CA 9/27/16 - both have Lawrence R Bynum as the registered agent/ESQ.

Please note that Big Bear Moving Inc.’s entity address is 31944 Hilltop Blvd., Running Springs, CA 92382, which is also the same entity address on the Statement of Information for Redlands Moving & Storage, Inc. AND Move Guru, Inc. filed 11/23/16 and recently on 7/29/19, as well as the Articles of Incorporation filed 9/27/16.

Please note that if you review all the attached documents you will find the following names in common between the 3 companies: James Rogers, David Case, and Randall Rogers - you will find all three of them associated with the CA state filed documents for ALL 3 companies. Please also note the common last name of Rogers, which to me indicates this is a family business.

We followed the process they provided for obtaining reimbursement for our damaged items and they have ignored us, disabled the email address we had for them, gave us numbers to call that we never received an answer or response from, gave us the run-around, and told us the company was bought by Randall and that we would have to contact James directly for reimbursement (of course this was months later after we already submitted everything to them for payment). However, now they are telling you that their identity was stolen, and as I’ve indicated above and through documentation, James and Randall have been associated with all these companies for years and appear to be related.

This company is doing shady busy and taking advantage of hard-working Americans - others need to be warned. We had such a terrible experience from the beginning and we just want them to do what is right by the customer and ethical as a business - pay us what was owed based upon their written contract and damage to our furniture. We've given them ample time to make this right, but unfortunately, they have chosen not too and continue lying and evading. Sadly, are victims of "rogue" mover fraud and I've also made sure to file a complaint with the FMCSA.

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