Moving to Hawaii-- help!

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Moving to Hawaii-- help!

Postby jkms » Tue Dec 20, 2005 3:55 pm

We were just getting ready to move to Hawaii, using Premium Relocation Services-- we didn't find out they were shoddy until yesterday, but we were having so much trouble we finally googled them and this website came up. Anyway we lost our $900 deposit and now have to start all over, with two days to go and all our stuff already in boxes.

Right now I'm going through the phonebook, finding movers and getting quotes.

For one thing, almost everyone is a broker, even locals. Is that bad? It says so on the article but I don't know... I can't seem to find one that's not. For another, we now only have a certain budget to move what is probably about 4500 pounds of stuff. And we've been told that we have to unpack all our boxes and the moving company has to be able to see inside them, because otherwise they can't move anything they don't know the contents of.

Does anyone have any recommendations for San Diego-Kauai companies? I'm desperate, running short of time and money, and about to give up in total dispair.

Please help if you can.



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Re: Moving to Hawaii-- help!

Postby Diane » Tue Dec 20, 2005 5:18 pm

Sign up for membership and send a Private Message to "hardatwork" - he specializes in CA to HI moves and I'm sure he will be able to advise you. Also, are you sure that you've lost your deposit?

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Re: Moving to Hawaii-- help!

Postby MusicMom » Tue Dec 20, 2005 9:39 pm

They probably use the same contractrs as they did back when they were NMN, and one of the clauses on the back is that you have to cancel in certified letter with the postmark more than 7 days in advance, so yes, the deposit is lost. Sorry.

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Re: Moving to Hawaii-- help!

Postby hardatwork » Wed Dec 21, 2005 9:55 am

OK first thing I would do is try and call each of the International Movers listed in the Sticky at the top of this section and see if they can get you moved out. Also you can try Ace Relocation in San Diego who has good reveiws on this site. All of these companies can arrange pick up ocean freight and delivery for you.

Based on your estimate of 4500 pounds you should be able to use a 20' container to ship your goods. Not sure how you got the 4500 pounds estimate guessing using one of the internet forms?? Anyway a 20 container can hold up to around 800 to 900 cubice feet of loosed loaded household goods.

If that does not work you can try to call the shipping lines directly to ask for them to drop off a container at your home in San Diego to pack and load your self. If the movers cannot help it is possible they may have one or two men would can help you load. Call

Horizon Lines
Phone 877 5122227

Phone 800 4628766

Now if you are planning to move an auto call this company as they ship autos to Hawaii but not containers.

Pasha Hawaii
Phone 866 3637485

OK if you still need help from there please ask.

By the way it is a TOTAL MYTH that you cannot pack your own goods and ship them out via ocean freight. Any company that told you that you have to open your boxes is not experienced in shipping internationaly. Especially if you are only moving to Hawaii. I know that 100s if not 1000s of consumers who pack and load their own containers and ship the container to their door themselves to Hawaii every year.

Check out and ask the posted their on their forum how many handled their own moves to Hawaii via Matson and Horizon.

A company can say it is their company policy to request you open for inspection your boxes if they want but not in imply it is some law now.

They may request you to open the cartons for inspection if you plan to insure the goods with the mover also.

If you were shipping to a final destination overseas that included customs clearance then they can tell you that self pack cartons can be a red flag for the cutsom inspectors overseas however you always are subject to customs examination regardless.

Now if you are moving overseas via AIR FREIGHT then YES the mover MUST pack all items in the shipment to attest that there is no hazardous materials includes in the shipment.

Anyway good luck with the move and again if you need additional help please ask.


Re: Moving to Hawaii-- help!

Postby Mauiwowee » Thu Dec 22, 2005 11:22 am

Yes hardatwork is correct you can pack your own goods to Hawaii, however most forwarders prefer not to get involved because of liability issues as well as their is no value added there financially for them. In addition, when shipments do go overseas they are very hard to clear through customs.

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By the way you should be able to get your $900 back.

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Re: Moving to Hawaii-- help!

Postby hardatwork » Thu Dec 22, 2005 8:47 pm

Actually if the paperwork is properly completed in advance with the help of your freight forwarder you normally do not have any more problems clearing a shipment which was packed and loaded by the consumer than if you were to have a mover pack and load.

The difference is a professional mover is normally is able to pack and load a container to arrive damage free to the final destination. Not to say a consumer could not do it also but not a better chance with a professional mover.

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