personal effects FROM USA- what's the security problem

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personal effects FROM USA- what's the security problem

Postby 76trombones » Wed May 01, 2019 4:22 pm

Is anyone here on this forum anymore?

I am trying to move a full container (not yet filled or started) of personal effects from the USA to Indonesia where we are moving permanently (we've lived there before).

I understand there are a bunch of security issues (in response to 9-11) for shipments LEAVING the US and that this makes it a big hassle for international movers which drives the price up and makes US international movers less willing to take the job.

Does anyone know what these regulations are?

I know there is something about bonding a shipment that has to be professionally packed and not self packed, but i doubt Indonesia would trust something like that and I believe they will go through everything regardless.

So why all the security on the US side when we are leaving the US? I understand if we were entering the US. Does anyone understand what the international movers out of USA are dealing with in terms of bonds and regulations here?

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Re: personal effects FROM USA- what's the security problem

Postby Noone » Sun Jul 21, 2019 12:20 pm

There are no unusual security issues with doing personal export from the US. The only thing which is of concern (and not related to 911) is that the Port of LA has an unusually high instance of customs inspections on exported goods (I would estimate about 30%).
I suggest getting quotes from two or three of the suggested International Moving companies (look to the left) and they can let you know if your specific shipment will be going through the port of LA and of other concerns regarding what is and is not legal to ship.

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