Also need car mover to Hawaii

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Also need car mover to Hawaii

Postby salliezoo » Wed May 04, 2005 12:50 pm

I am also moving a car to Hawaii from CA. Has anyone ever used or know about Horizon? or Pasha?
Any recommendations? thanks, Sallie

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Re: Also need car mover to Hawaii

Postby Nancy » Wed May 04, 2005 12:56 pm

I now see your city, I'd suggest you get an in-home estimate from Beltmann. Another highly rated company is Crown Worldwide, and I think they have an office in Ontario.

You can ask about having your car included in the container with your household goods. Otherwise, I think Matson has a car shipping program. Pasha is good, and I'm not familiar with Horizon.

I got a press release from Pasha/Gateways recently on a new boat they are using for cars to Hawaii, sounds good to me!
"The MV Jean Anne, the first U.S. built Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC), has completed its inaugural voyage to the Hawaiian Islands following the christening of the ship by The Pasha Group, Gateways’ parent company, at the Port of San Diego.
The modern, European-design vessel will make two round trips every month between Hawaii and the mainland, noted Rick Curry, president of Gateways International, Inc. “The Jean Anne provides the moving industry with a new level of efficiency, convenience and economy for shipping vehicles to and from Hawaii.”
Owned and operated by Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines, a joint venture between The Pasha Group and Strong Vessel Operators, the Jean Anne is the first PCTC to service the Continental U.S. – Hawaii market.
The vessel was specifically built to serve needs of the automotive manufacturing, rental car, private vehicle owners, moving companies and over-sized and rolling-stock markets. “Cars are the lowest paying freight for the container operators. However, with our PCTC ship, car shippers will be the number one customers for Pasha,” said Nickel van Reesema, president of Strong Vessel Operators and COO of PHTL.
Built in Pascagoula, Mississippi by VT Halter Marine, Inc., the 579-foot ship was designed and built to transport more than 3,000 American-sized vehicles and other rolling stock." Phone: (800) 257-5256

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Re: Also need car mover to Hawaii

Postby Diane » Wed May 04, 2005 1:06 pm

As I mentioned in my sticky, I spoke with a higher-up at Gateways (Malcolm McCulloch) recently and was favorably impressed. Gateways has handled international shipments for Broadway Express for several years with no problems.


Re: Also need car mover to Hawaii

Postby sallie » Wed May 04, 2005 2:26 pm

Nancy, thanks for the info. The only reasons I was hesitating on Pasha was because the san diego to hawaii run is pretty new for them (so no track record) and because they don't go into the Kawaihae port that is closest to my new home, but rather Hilo almost two hours away. But would make the drive if I thought they were the best company. Horizon is associated with DAS Global Shipping but I dont know much about them. Their big plus is that they ship into the Kawaihae Port and the car is containerized which I prefer. Matson goes into Hilo and is a roll on-roll off service, no container from what I understand. All the pricing is similar so thats not the issue, but rather reliable service. I am moving a jaguar convertible that would be difficult to replace because its a 98 but has very low mileage on it. Hence my concern. My other car is a brand new Lexus suv, but more easily replaceable. I was hoping to find someone on this site that had some experience with one of these movers...hopefully someone out there has. Thanks again for the does help. Sallie

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Re: Also need car mover to Hawaii

Postby Nancy » Wed May 04, 2005 4:01 pm

Sallie, I think this is just a new boat, Pasha and Gateways have been doing this route for years. I'm not sure about the dynamics about the cities you are moving to, and the ports. However, I don't think that would ultimately change your bottom line price. The movers in Hawaii should transport the goods/cars to your home once you book the "door-to-door" service.

As for DAS, they have been discussed thoroughly on the other board, under "Auto Transporters." We haven't gotten a report on them with Hawaii moves, but people using them domestically have been very happy.


Re: Also need car mover to Hawaii

Postby Guest » Sat May 07, 2005 5:52 pm


I could suggest that you visit the discussion board of which is I think the largest newspaper in Hawaii. There are many active members there and I'm sure some of them have shipped vehicles and moved between the islands and the mainland. To get to their discussion board navigate to the "Local News" page then find the link for the discussion board. Hope this helps.


Re: Also need car mover to Hawaii

Postby tmac » Wed Jun 22, 2005 8:15 pm

I'm considering relocating to Oahu from Dallas. Looks like I can ship my car from CA. for about $1000. Any better alternative?

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Re: Also need car mover to Hawaii

Postby hardatwork » Wed Jun 22, 2005 8:34 pm

OK there are three companies that own ships that move auto to Hawaii. These are the only three and everyone must use them.

You should contact each one to get a quote from Dallas TX to Oahu and also EX West Coast.

1. Horizon Lines Phone 877 5122227 website:
Presently offering $ 899.00 from LA & Oakland

2. Maston 800 4628766 Presently offering $ 899.00
from LA and Oakland

3. Pasha Hawaii 866 3637485 website: Presently offering the $ 899.00 out of San Diego not LA

Again these are the only three companies that own ships and sail into Hawaii. Anyone offering you anything less it is not possible to get lower that their rates from Los Angeles or Oakland. Maybe they may not be as competitive from Dallas as a auto transport to deliver from Dallas to LA then one of these to Hawaii.

Hawaii is a very controlled market for shipping rates especial autos. Also the rates can go up at any time. Pasha Hawaii just started thier service recently and they put a downward pressure on Horizon and Matson for autos. But as soon as Pasha get busy the rates will rise

Happy Camper

Re: Also need car mover to Hawaii

Postby Happy Camper » Sun Jun 26, 2005 2:23 pm

:D Pasha is a great company. Call 1/800/284-9390 and ask about relocation of your vehicle and someone there can help you.

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