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Pacific Rim Forwarders

Postby mooooving » Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:12 pm

Hi ...

I am new to this and would appreciate your help .

I have clothes , books , small appliances , and personal items like that and I want to ship them overseas at the lowest cost possible . They are not heavy but the volume is large ... 110 cubic feet maybe . After Iooking at different options , less than a container shipping by ocean appear to be the best option for me to reduce cost . I have a friend who will help me get everything ready to reduce the cost of packing also .

The company Pacific Rim Forwarders gave me a good quote for international ocean shipping . I searched for them online and could not find any reviews of them . They answer the phone every time I call and respond to emails . They are also friendly and not pushy or over promising . They do not ask for a deposit which I understand is a good sign per the discussions on this board . But I could not find any valid license information for them and could not find anyone who shared their experience about using them . Their quote is attractive but I wish there was a way to be reassured they are good and not going to get me in trouble down the line .

Their website is , or exactly *link removed by moderator* , and there is not much to go by on there except a license number that I could not verify .

Anyone knows anything about them ? Better yet , has anyone actually dealt with them and can share their experience ?


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Re: Pacific Rim Forwarders

Postby Jeff.Walker » Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:28 pm

I'm not familiar with this company, but I would recommend any of the International movers to the left, as they have all been vetted. Get three quotes, in home is preferred. come back when you have them and we'll go from there.

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Re: Pacific Rim Forwarders

Postby Noone » Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:53 pm

I am also not familiar with this company, but doing a quick search, it seems as if they are geared towards commercial moves.

Shipping household goods is a different ball of wax, and I agree with Jeff that you should work with a company who specializes in Household goods.

Without looking at the quote you got, I am guessing it is a door to port only quote, and that will not include fees you will need to pay nor services you will need (especially once the ship arrives in Port China).

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