Moving from Hawaii Island to Brisbane, Australia March 2017

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Moving from Hawaii Island to Brisbane, Australia March 2017

Postby ed7778 » Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:32 pm

I had only two choices: Royal Hawaiian Movers (RHM, a Dewitt Company) and another that had worse reviews, so I chose RHM even though their quote was higher. I know one cannot go directly from Hawaii to Australia but must be bounced off the Mainland with a long storage wait; thus, I chose full-coverage insurance, because the longer the journey, the higher the risk.
I had a huge house in Hawaii and a tight schedule thanks to the worst real estate deal I've ever encountered, but that is another story.
First, the RHM estimator underestimated by 15%. After selecting them, only three movers came until the last day when four or five arrived. They got almost everything packed in a 40-ft. container with no time to spare. I say almost everything because one box was left behind somewhere. I'm guessing they couldn't fit it in the container, so they took it stand-alone and then wrote it off, but I could be wrong.
The packing was fair with some exceptions. Items from one room were packed with items from a different room. A box of toiletries was labeled “Books.” Items were packed in a motor-oil container and unpacked coated with guess what.
Warning: don't try to bring food storage to Australia. I had to pay Customs to destroy two cases of beans.
In early July, over three months later, my stuff was delivered and unpacked by Kent Removals & Storage, who did a splendid job. I would recommend them. I had damaged items that Kent duly noted, and to their credit, Dewitt sent me a check for the amount claimed without any hassle.

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