Moving out, please advice on cleaning, I'm overwhelmed by blogs with tenancy tips

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Moving out, please advice on cleaning, I'm overwhelmed by blogs with tenancy tips

Postby CharlineCaisse » Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:24 am

Hello everybody,

I am posting this in the international section, for I did not find another more suitable. I tried to post on another forum with a dedicated thread, but never got an answer...

My case: I am about to move out and end my first tenancy in London and I'm quite unsure about how things should be done in my best interest. Is is better to pay a good 200, 300 quids and hire professional tenancy cleaners or... not, and rush myself into cleaning for at least two days in a row? The goal is none-other than my security deposit.

I've googled for days and different sources seem to refer to different answers... According to these guides End of tenancy cleaning - TheTenantsVoice and End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips 101, my landlord can NOT force tenants hiring professional tenancy cleaners and according to these Professional Tips for DIY Tenancy Cleaning tenants should start diy cleaning at least 4 weeks prior to moving out. Beside reading the gazzilion different articles I read I have also called a few of the professional cleaning companies for their quote and so far I've narrowed that option to about 5 companies, that do offer a 72 hour guarantee, since most did not. If anybody has feedback for these, please. I contacted 2 of the above mentioned - fantastic cleaners, the move out mates, a company called domestic cleaners, but they do have move out services with 72h guarantee, a company called go cleaners and the 4th.. darn, forgot it, nvm.

My second question would be: Will 72 hours be enough for my deposit refund to be secured after we move out?

All companies gave me an estimate ranging from 300 to 360 quid and all said they can do it this very weekend. We are 4 tenants moving out and splitting the cost sounds sort of reasonable, considering our deposit, BUT here comes my next question: Could we, and if yes, should we, and if so, what is the best way to ask our landlord to cover at least some of the cost?

sorry for the hefty post, but this is a moving forum, so I hope I'll finally clarify this once and for all

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Re: Moving out, please advice on cleaning, I'm overwhelmed by blogs with tenancy tips

Postby Jeff.Walker » Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:02 am

Hi CharlineCaisse,
While you're correct, this is a "moving forum", I'm not sure we've ever quite dealt with this topic before, or if we had, it's been several years. We normally just deal with the actual process of moving (hiring a mover, what to look out for, how to find a good one, etc.).

That being said, I might suggest you speak with your landlord and ask just how clean is "clean"? If he expects a really clean job, you might consider hiring a professional. My other questions are:

1. Are you able to perform the cleaning yourself? If so, take it room by room.
2. How much is the professional cleaner in relation to your deposit? Will hiring a cleaner eat up what you will get back?
3. Can you afford the cleaners?

I think if you can answer those questions, you'll have your answer. As we are located in the US, we really have no way of knowing how to rate your cleaner. You might check with yelp, google reviews, etc. If the UK has a consumer group responsible for keeping track of customer satisfaction (in the US it's the BBB), you might check in with them.

As to your last question, laws regarding owner / tenant relationships vary from location to location, and in the US can vary from state to state and city to city, so any advice we could possibly give you regarding your relationship to your landlord and splitting the cleaning costs would be meaningless here. Again, I'd point you to a consumer protection agency in London for help.

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