Review of my past move and now I need help for NEW move!

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Review of my past move and now I need help for NEW move!

Postby Eurobound » Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:13 am

Hi all!

I moved from Portland, Oregon a couple of years ago using Rainier Movers. Their communication was great. Unfortunately, I got stuck in the Long Beach Port strike that lasted months. It took 6 months to receive my items and when I did, almost everything that was breakable, was crushed. Even items that were in plastic shoe boxes had the corners damaged along with crushed plastic corners on the boxes themselves. I don't know what happened but whatever it was, something was dropped HARD.

I had moved about 15 boxes last time and now I have about 10 boxes. I was quoted by Rainier TWICE the amount that I was two years ago. They explained that there was no partial container option and anything below 100cf was the same amount. They quoted 4900 which seemed exorbitant to me. Also, on my end here in France, they use to use EuroGroup International Movers but now said they no longer do business with them because of "internal issues".

I have received a quote from EuroGroup for 1300 dollars from France to California, USA. This includes the destination charge and door to door. It is a little hard to get my emails returned so I am getting nervous. I have to pull teeth and now I feel if there is an issue with my shipment, I will freak if I can't get a hold of someone. Maybe this is just "french" style?

Nobody came to my house to estimate my items for a quote. Is this odd?

Does anyone know anything recent with EuroGroup and their reputation?

Please help as they are scheduled to pick up my items in a week and I am feeling uneasy but I can't place my finger on it.


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Re: Review of my past move and now I need help for NEW move!

Postby Noone » Sun Nov 13, 2016 11:02 am

Try contacting AGS in Paris - they should have consolidations coming over.

For a minimum move, most companies won't do an in home survey, however if you are concerned about access for a truck at your home there, let them know. They may be able to see the address on Google Maps.

I have no information regarding Euro-moves, however if they are based on the UK, Rainier may have stopped working with them due to the changes due to come with Brexit.

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