Storage Charges for Ship delays

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Storage Charges for Ship delays

Postby cecilrodrigues » Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:31 am

We had a shipment for 2x40ft SOC containers to be shipped from Dubai to Singapore.

The container ship Palena was supposed to depart on 16Jan2014 and because of ship technical fault it sailed only on 20Jan2014.

Since its SOC containers brought from outside Jebel Ali port we were supposed to pay one day storage charges, as ship was supposed to sail on 16Jan2014.

Now the freight forwarding company has invoice us for storage from 15-20Jan2014 since the ship was delayed and did not sail.

My question to you is: - should us as clients be paying for storage charges when the delay is from the Ship and not from us ? and who can we complain about this officially if they are wrong in charging us.

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Re: Storage Charges for Ship delays

Postby Noone » Thu Jan 23, 2014 4:44 pm

Yes, you pay for storage in the event that the container is late leaving port due to technical failure or other uncontrollable event. On the plus side, the ship-line didn't overbook and strand your container for the next weekly sailing, or you would have paid for that too.

Make sure the bill you are getting is from the port authority, or that you get a copy of that bill if you are paying the forwarder.

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