Invoice from Suddath/Sentry, insurance & net weight

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Invoice from Suddath/Sentry, insurance & net weight

Postby bsesar » Thu Dec 19, 2013 11:09 am

Dear all,

I have receieved an invoice from Suddath International/Sentry International for my move from Los Angeles to Heidelberg, Germany. The invoice states that the "Net Weight" is 4240 lbs and the "Cube" is 606 cu ft. They calculated part of the insurance based on the net weight ($33,920; based on $8.00/lb), and to that they added high-value items ($3,440) and the value of our car ($25,000; our household items and the car were shipped in a 40' container).

The Suddath people say that the net weight of 4240 lbs does not include the car, but only our household items. However, I think the weight of our household items is too high (we are a couple in a two bedroom apartment, with no heavy wood furniture).

Since I'm not experienced with these things, does anyone know if the "Net Weight" on invoices usually means the weight of all things in the container or if it means something else?

Your comments are greatly appreciated :)


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Re: Invoice from Suddath/Sentry, insurance & net weight

Postby hardatwork » Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:06 pm

The net weight is only for your household goods and would not include the auto.

If they are billing you based on the net wegith they should also have given you a certified weight tickey shoing the weight on your shipment. If they did not then ask them for it.

What was the estimated weight of your shipment based on the In House surveys the movers did for you before the mover was chossen?

What was the total number of packages of household goods in the container based on the inventory the movers provided you at time of pick up?

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Re: Invoice from Suddath/Sentry, insurance & net weight

Postby Noone » Sat Dec 21, 2013 2:32 pm

I agree that you should ask for the weight tickets, but keep in mind that a typical car (Toyota Corolla) Weighs about 2800 LBS empty.

Based on 606 cube, at a standard density of 6-7 LBS per cubic foot, I get 3636 - 4242 LBS, which makes sense.

I would imagine you had very little furniture and cut back quite a bit to get to 606 cube.

All in all, the numbers make sense, but do check what HardAtWork suggested.

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