International moving from Haifa (Israel) to Las Vegas (USA)

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Julie D.
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International moving from Haifa (Israel) to Las Vegas (USA)

Postby Julie D. » Thu Nov 07, 2013 5:10 pm


We are looking for the best (and the cheapest of course) option to move our household goods from Israel to USA.

In the past we have 12 years of diplomatic work experience and 4 full international relocations (Ukraine to Israel, Israel to Turkey, Turkey to Uruguay and Uruguay to Israel) - all of them was paid by the embassy and full door to door. In Israel we had not so bad experience with Globus (although some of our colleagues had quite bad experience with them) and it was fully paid by the embassy.

Now we have to do self relocation at our own expense. For a moment all our stuff packed and stored in 30 m3 storage room in Haifa. I packed everything by myself but can guarantee that it was done very professional (after so many years of supervising:)) and can be shipped by the ocean any minute.

So now I have to take decisions for the next moving (which is self sponsored).
Options we have:
1 - Globus or similar, with repacking all the stuff and doing door -to -door and insurance - this would be the most expensive option but also the most care free

2 - ZIM - warehouse to warehouse or door to door (from loading from the storage to the point of destination - our house in Las Vegas) - which will result in possible custom examination in US (and charges), more fees that we are not aware for a moment.

I'm willing to do extra work and try to DYI as much as I can to save few thousands but the question is will I be able to save on it or not?

Please, dear contributors.
Advise me on the best scenario for us to save money and to do it as safe and efficient as possible.

Thank you

PS - I contacted ZIM for 20ft container and shipping from Haifa to Las Vegas. Here's a price quote I received:


USD 2725.-P/20'DV
thc: USD 225.- P/20’
EIS: 100.-
EBF: 195.-
LSF: 20.-

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Re: International moving from Haifa (Israel) to Las Vegas (U

Postby Noone » Sat Nov 09, 2013 1:31 pm

1 - There is no such thing as cheapest and best. Cheapest is worst, and may well be the most expensive in the end. I'll assume you mean that you are looking for quality service at a reasonable price, but don't want to get taken. Go cheapest, and you'll get taken.

2 - Globus is Fidi Faim and a good choice. Here are the other FIDI certified companies: ... lus=&name=
Ask your embassy who else they work with - chances are good they work with more than one.

3 - Zim is a ship line, and the quote they gave you is meaningless to you. You'll need a truck to haul the container, a crew (either you or a professional crew), a customs clearer, you'll need to pay Israeli ports their charges, and then in the US you'll need a customs clearer and a truck and a crew. Since you aren't a professional shipping company or move manager, work with one. You won't get any better pricing, but you will likely make mistakes which will end up costing time and money.

4 - Expect a customs inspection. The US doesn't make a distinction between Israel and any other country in the middle east - almost all shipments are inspected, so budget for it.

5 - Repacking goods is more expensive than just packing. It takes more time, and can't be done at most storage facilities. If you have a packing list of what is in the storage unit, find out what type of coverage you can get, what the limits are, etc. It most likely just makes sense to take the goods as they are - although furniture may need to be re-wrapped, and accept that coverage will be limited.

6 - Ask for service door to door. If you want to save money, and it is practical, see if you can load the container in Israel or unload it in the states. As I mentioned earlier, it won't make a difference regarding getting inspected as the container will be inspected anyway.

Hope this helps.

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