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Postby 7Trombones » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:16 am

The same issue as people on RipOff Reports and on website have. Check the facebook page on Right Move 4 U Scam for details. I was moving from US to New Zealand in June 2015. She quoted $4,600 for door to door move.

She refused to undertake a survey, and told me everything in my 5 bedroom house would fit in a 20 ft container. I was a bit skeptical, so I insisted on paying for a 40 ft container, which came to $8,600.

She advises me to pack some stuff myself, and offers to pack larger things and expensive things, and promises all my goods would be fully covered for full replacement value - $350,000 of cargo. I pay her for packing and freight. Furniture to be disassembled and packed there, and unpacked and assembled here.

Next, she gets XO Movers to pack my goods. She retains XO Movers to come all the way from Union City, to Fresno (10 hours roundtrip) to pack my goods, not retaining anyone locally from Fresno. When I asked why, she tells me they are reliable and exceptionally good. Turns out, these guys are the greatest scamsters, if you look them up on BBB.

Anyway, they INSIST on packing thru the night, I still don't get it why. I am told that I can rest easy, it will be convenient for all of us. They do not disassemble, but shove everything into the container without packing it. As a consequence, they run out of room, and leave without taking half the things. I get packing list of 225 items when more than 550 have been loaded in.

I try to cancel contract, and she offers to pick up other things and send them free of cost. Only, she meant to steal those other things, so does not send it at all.

So the container arrives in NZ. And she tells me she has only 100,000 insurance on second hand value, and is not going to ship the remaining stuff. I refuse to pay her anything more until I see a Bill of Lading for teh remaining cargo.

Then her local agent here - CONROY REMOVALS - threatens and blackmails me, and hoodwinks me into signing the Customs Release forms, saying she will deliver for $677 because she will bill RM4U.

Once CONROY REMOVAL take control of my cargo, she demands $10,000 ! When I refuse to pay, she just keeps my goods !! $40,000 worth goods in US, and $300,000 wortho f goods here. She then cancels my insurance to blackmail and threaten me, threatens me with lien on goods and bills an additional $18,000 or so in storage and other charges.

Then come threats of liquidation, and coercion to waive any liability (because she has cancelled my insurance, therefore now she is liable!) and blackmail me to remove negative reviews I have written about all of them. When I refuse to waive liability, and refuse to remove negative reviews, she and her local agent CONROY REMOVAL just convert the goods.

I filed a case here, and FIONA CONROY, the owner of CONROY REMOVAL actually fabricated evidence, and got her employees to lie for her. I had the documents at home, but could not present them at the court that day because I could not imagine they would just forge documents!!!!

Based on such fabricated facts and evidence she got a judgment against me.

So in response I filed a RICO suit in US against TALBOT insurance, XO Movers, Right Move 4 U, CONROY REMOVALS, SHIPCO, and the employees who had participated in swindling me, alleging racketeering, fraud, conversion, blackmail, extortion etc. More than 20 causes of action. Mandatory settlement conference is scheduled for March 2018.

I also filed charging documents here in NZ against CONROY REMOVALS, alleging fraud, witness tampering, evidence tampering, party to commission of crime, obtaining goods by deception, causing loss by deception, blackmail, extortion, perjury, and a bunch of other charges. Unlike in US, in NZ they allow you to file criminal charges thru private prosecution. It is currently in High Court here in NZ, where they tried to file Bankruptcy Notice asking the Court that they must be just "given" the $300,000 worth of goods. A hearing is on Dec 4th, and I doubt very much they have a leg to stand on, now that I have filed this evidence against them.

There are at least 7 more people who have come forward in the last 7 months, swindled in the same way. Each one of them has had $20,000 or so worth of goods stolen or damaged. People generally dont' know what to do - so these unscrupulous agents exploit them. We'll see what happens now !!!!

You can look up the case on - SAMEER v RIGHT MOVE 4 U - even download the second amended complaint.

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