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Daniel (#15)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Daniel (#15) » Thu Jul 15, 2004 12:04 pm

Date: 6/04
Move: Baltimore, MD to Brooklyn, NY
Company: Budget
Cost: Unknown

Post #1 – 7/13/04 (PM to me after I inquired what he decided)

Hi Diane,

I am sorry I could not reply earlier...busy unpacking. But I decided to do rent a Budget truck and haul it myself. The other options did not pan out and the prices were exorbitant.

However, I can give some details of my move...

- budget trucks...great, got a brand new truck. So it was great to drive and did not anticipate problems at all. Got 10% discount for booking online...
Since it was a one way move, I could pick up the truck the previous evening for no extra charge.

- driving to NY was tricky since I could not get to Brooklyn via Belt trucks allowed. So, I had to find alternate route which was a pain but managed OK.

- returning truck was a bit tricky too since I was returning it on a Sunday and could not get the people at the return address. However, I called the 1800 no for Budget and they were kind enough to give me CORRECT directions.

- I had rented furniture pads. I did not return all the pads with the truck. I went back to the return location after 4 days and was not charged any extra money...which was great. The $100 security deposit was also reimbursed immediately.

All in all, the move was great with a lot LESS money...

driv384 (#16)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby driv384 (#16) » Thu Jul 15, 2004 12:05 pm

Date: 7/04
Move: Sacramento, CA to Dallas, TX
Company: Penske (10’ truck) vs. U-Haul
Cost: $1,211 (including furniture pads)

Post #1 – 7/3/04

Within the last few weeks I have had to plan a move (small, one bd/one bath) from Sacramento, CA to Dallas, TX. When I started I was completely new to the moving scene, and pretty clueless. I looked at UPack movers such as ABF and BE, full service movers, and Uhaul trucks. When I started, the rates seemed really high for Uhaul: $1400 from Sac->Dallas not including gas. ABF was around $800 for terminal to terminal and about $1400 for door to door.

I thought for sure a full service mover would be $2000-$4000, but I called a few just to check. I found a few numbers on the internet and found out the cheapest one was around $1000. I was astonished! How could this be so cheap compared to UHaul??? I immediately thought it was a scam. I had a long conversation with one of the operators who incredibly referred me to this site, and what do you think happened after that? I never called them back. This is the most informed, helpful site I have seen on the internet, and would like to thank everyone who contributes; you have saved many of us. [Editor’s note: To make sure that people understand, he is saying that the quotes for around $1,000 from supposedly full-service movers were from scammers.]

Anyway, after looking around on the boards here, I found that Penske was the way to go, and everyone who recommended them was 100% right. The truck turned out to be cheaper than UHAUL ($1211 with tax and furniture pads, with 7 days and unlimited mileage). From the beginning to the end of my trip everything was perfect. I picked up the truck from Pastor Auto Care in Citrus Heights, CA from the owner, who is one of the nicest, most helpful people I have met in that industry. The truck was in perfect condition: a 10' 2002 GMC truck with about 56,000 miles on it, and very clean. The truck drove very well, and had ample power even when fully loaded; I was able to keep up with the 75 MPH speed limit through AZ and NM, and had no problem traversing I40. The truck never had one problem, and the AC worked flawlessly throughout the trip, even though I drove 800 mi the first day.

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Penske to anyone who is planning to drive with their belongings, or is even on the fence about how to move, as I was in the beginning. Don't rent UHAUL! I have rented many in-towns from them before, and have had problems every time. Once I had to wait at a station for 4 hours for a truck I reserved weeks in advance because they have their heads up their a**es.

Well, thanks for all the great help you have provided me with, and I hope someone will be able to make use of my recommendation.


Reader from Vietnam (#17)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Reader from Vietnam (#17) » Thu Jul 15, 2004 12:08 pm

Date: 7/04
Move: Houston to Cleveland, OH (1400 miles)
Company: Penske (15’ truck with car dolly)
Cost: $825 (with several discounts)

Post #1 - 7/4/04

I just got to Texas couple days ago. My cousin and I will pick the 15' Penske truck on july 5 with 20% discount through movingorbit. We hope to reach Cleveland around July 7. I just wonder if their truck can handle 1500 miles non stop ? This is our first time using moving truck.

Post #2 – 7/7/04

Hi ....

wow.. I felt in love with my 15' Penske truck. It was a brand new and very clean one with only 8000 miles. I could smell the "new car" smell.

It ran every well pulling one of my new car. We sometime drove unintentionally few short distances with 95 mph speed with full blast cold AC (sorry Penske, we didn't mean too)

My schedule to pick up my truck was 9am. At 7 am, penske center called my cousin and informed that their truck wouldn't available until 10am. It was Monday after July 4 (still a holiday for most places). They had all trucks but had shortage delivery drivers. This was what we expected anyway.

At the check out center, I discovered that Penske threw in another 10% discount for both truck and car dolly ... Cool... 30% discount so far. They called it NRA discount ... (National Rifle (sp) Association ?? ). The total charge for the 15' truck and car dolly with tax, insurance and fee was $825. from Houston to Cleveland (~1400 miles). I got to Cleveland with only 20 hrs drive.

I haven't counted my gasoline cost yet. I will update later.

Post #3 – 7/8/04

The total cost for gasoline on my truck is $309.31. With an average $1.89/gal , the gal of gasoline that I used are around 164 gals. So the truck did use average 8-9 miles/gal of gasoline.

I'm very happy with these results anyway.

By the way, I tried to book [on line] for the 15' truck w/o car dolly from Cleveland to Houston just for fun. The website quoted me for $2500 w/o 20% discount :( :( :( :( .. AHHHHHHHH I will have to sell all my stuffs before moving back to Houston then to Vietnam in 2008.

Colin (#18)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Colin (#18) » Thu Jul 15, 2004 12:09 pm

Date: 7/04
Move: N/A
Company: U-Haul (comment by person who drove cross-country in his own vehicle)
Cost: N/A

Post #1 – 7/10/04

One last note: on the way over, I saw about a half-dozen broken down U-Hauls alongside the side. So, if you are considering that method, be warned.

Audrey (#19)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Audrey (#19) » Sun Aug 01, 2004 2:23 pm

Date: 7/04
Move: Northern KY to College Station, TX
Company: Penske (15’ truck with car dolly)
Cost: $1442

Post #1 – 7/27/04

We ended up renting a 15 ft truck with a car carrier. We couldn't get all of the discounts we would have liked. The only one that we could use with the AAA discount was the online registration one (which is 10% on the truck only, but it's better than nothing.) We got a car carrier and full insurance on the truck. Sales tax was $80. It all came out to 1441.56.

Well, a LOT more than I would have wanted to pay, but now I know better to reserve way earlier during the off-peak season to "lock in" better rates. [Editor's note: People have posted that you can reserve with Penske at nonpeak rates, then change your dates up to twice without penalty. You can hold your reservation up to 48 hours prior to the move date.]

Thanks for all the wonderful help here, we both really appreciate it.

Audrey (the Aggie :lol: )

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Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Diane » Fri Aug 06, 2004 11:40 am

I'm reposting here some comments on rental van companies that were recently posted on, a forum populated by medical students, dental students, residents, etc. My thought is that since these are people who are smart but strapped for cash, they are probably like a lot of people reading this forum and their comments might be useful. Note that I have not validated these posts and I don't know the people who posted.

E.A. Poe (7/28/04)

I recently moved from NY to Wisconsin (about 1200 miles) and had a great experience with Penske. I did a pretty thorough search and found their rates to be the lowest. A 26' truck after all taxes and insurance ran about $1200. One trick you should consider if you live in a big city is to shop outside of the urban/suburban area. You will have to drive to get the truck but can save big $$. I saved ~$1000 by getting outside of the NYC area and driving to NJ to pick it up. The 1-800 customer service folks can help you search for the best rates. After gas, food and hotel it was under $2000 to do this. Another thing about Penske is that they have many brand new/very new trucks, automatic, with nice comfortable cabs. Every experience I've had with U-Haul has seen me driving a old run down rickety bucket of bolts. I'd steer clear of this. It was really nice to have a reliable truck for the trip.

JoseHernandez94 (7/29/04)

My fiancee and I moved from North Carolina to Rochester, NY (about 730 miles) with some help from friends. We rented our own 22' Penske moving truck, packed it up, and drove it up here. And trust me, we had a TON of stuff (3 full couches, 1 love seat, 1 single seater, 3 chests-of-drawers, 1 huge dresser, 2 nightstands, 2 mattresses (queen and king), king-size sleigh-bed, dining room table, large desk, book cases, large TV stands--the only stuff we got up here were our dining room hutch and some file cabinets).

Anyway, it was about $450 to rent the truck and I figure we spent about $130 on gas. It's definitely a lot more work and kills an entire day and it also helps to have friends that are willing to help (we had 3 or 4 help us pack, 2 help us with the drive, and then a bunch to help us unpack when we got up here), but we found it to be worthwhile to save a couple grand.
Some day when I have plenty of money, I'll definitely be hiring people. But for now, I really think doing it myself was the way to go.

Two more notes:

1. I know $450 seems like a ridiculously low rate, but I think that's because we booked it so early. But in general, I think Penske has some great deals and like the last poster said, they have great trucks.

2. While it took about 14 or 15 hours, we did the drive in one day (saved on hotel expenses, got it out of the way).

lynx (7/29/04)

I'm gonna move in a couple of weeks and the prices in all rent-a- truck companies were outrageous - from WI to Fl ~2800-3500 dollars.....! ABF gave me a quote of 1350. And I don't have to drive it myself and spend money on gas,etc....I guess I'm gonna go with ABF...

By the way, when I asked Budget and U-haul about their prices versus ABF their answer struck me - it depends on the destination as well as milage! Apparently, everybody is moving to Fl one way and nobody wants to bring trucks back, so they overcharge people in order to hire somebody else to bring the trucks back. Something to consider, people!

I decided to check whether it's true or not. Went online, chose as a destination Georgia instead of FL (only 350 miles less) and same Budget gave me 1500 quote! Couldn't believe my eyes! My 2 cents.

Alex Va to Houston (#20)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Alex Va to Houston (#20) » Wed Dec 15, 2004 4:09 pm

Date: 12/04 (move was in summer 2004)
Move: Alexandria, VA to Houston, TX
Company: U-Haul vs. Penske and Budget
Cost: Unknown for 26' Canadian truck with car trailer (got a $250 rebate)

U Haul stinks

They rented me a 26" International Harvester that would not stay in 2 nd gear. I was hauling a car behind it. Through the mountains.

No air conditioning, in the summer, in a death trap.

I can drive a truck, but geeehhhiiiiz, with a crappy transmission.

Pbbbbht!!! I realized seeing how nice the Budget, Penske and other companies vehcles were and what a broken down junker I was driving.

The truck had a speedodometer marked in kilometers as it was Canadian, and had the salt rust to prove it.

Dirty, wrecked, dented, non functional equipment.

I did get a $250.00 credit.

Pesnke equipment looks newer and passed me like I was standing still.

terraluna (#21)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby terraluna (#21) » Sun Jan 30, 2005 1:56 pm

Date: 1/05 (move was in 12/04)
Move: Detroit, MI, to Staunton, VA (near DC)
Company: Penske
Cost: $508 for 10' truck

Back in December I came across this site while I was researching different moving companies for my move from Detroit, MI to Staunton, VA (northern part of VA), and this site was invaluable to me in steering me clear from those offensive moving companies! I originally was looking for a company that would drive my truck for me (while I did the packing) but I realized I liked the idea of having control over my things and not taking the risk of being hijacked or the price of the move changing at the last minute - not to mention waiting for them to arrive!

So, I took the advice from this website to try Penske. I also took advantage of saving 20% by booking online, which saved me $. The amount was $508.00 for a 10' truck. At first I was going to use a tow dolly for my car, but thought twice when it was brought to my attention the trip might be more difficult (with manueverability and such). I would have also had to upgrade to a 15' truck and paid $60 for a tow dolly. What I did instead was have my sister (thanks Dana!) drive the car down with me, and paid for a one-way flight for her out of Washington Dulles (only $50) back to Detroit, which also saved me $ in the long run compared to the price for 15' truck and tow dolly ($180.00 savings).

All I can say is that the whole moving process was smooth from the time of booking until I dropped off the truck. The truck was clean and comfortable and easy to maneuver. I would HIGHLY recommend using Penske, they were very helpful and professional and helped make my first state-to-state move very easy.

And I will highly recommend this site to anyone I come across who is looking to move! Thanks to everyone who provided helpful advice and guidance. I hope this helps someone else make a smooth moving transition as well.


Craig (#22)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Craig (#22) » Fri Feb 18, 2005 11:53 am

Date: 2/05 (move was in 11/04)
Move: Southern NH to Ocala, FL
Company: U-Haul
Cost: About $1800-$1900 for 26' truck

:x Based on the reviews and recommendations on this forum, I would have chosen a different rental truck than U-Haul. I had no choice though, due to the size of the load I had to move. Even with the 26ft. U-Haul truck and the attic packed, the door barely closed when finished loading. Renting the U-Haul truck was stress that I don't want to go through again.

As you know, when selling a house, you have to be out of the house with the house clean for inspection by the buyers so closing can take place usually that day. To add to the problem, my wife who worked out of the house, had to work right up to the night before moving day. We planned on loading two days before closing so that we could have time to clean the house properly.

I rented/reserved the U-Haul truck online about two weeks before moving day. About a week before moving I dropped by the local U-Haul dealer and checked to see that all was ok. The young guy behind the counter assured me he would have a truck ready to pick up. I checked with him again two days before moving day and he said that he THOUGHT he would have a truck in on time for me pickup.

The warm cozy feeling that all was well left me right away and I said that I would be right down there to talk with him since he did not seem to understand or care that I really had to have a truck. When I faced off with him he admitted that there may be a truck coming in, but was not sure since they had not heard from the guy renting the truck. I told him to get his manager on the phone which he did and I let her know that this was not a way to run a business that has customers with critical schedules.

So, to make a long story short, my wife and I finally had to drive over 80 miles one way to pick up a truck at another dealer which by this time, I was glad to do. They gave me two extra days rent and 200 miles for our trouble. Nice of them eh? :roll:

The long drive to FL goes well with my wife following behind driving our car until we get into a traffic backup in S. GA. The truck starts running hot and I pull off and shut the engine down. I checked to see that it had enough coolant etc. let it cool down then started off again without anymore over heating.

Later that day as we are pulling into Ocala, my wife calls me on the FRS and says that I have smoke coming out from under the truck. I mentioned that I had been smelling something like metal burning. After another couple of miles of stop and go the left front brake was gone. I could hear metal to metal scraping and the truck was pulling very badly to the right when braking. At this point, we were only a few miles from our new house, so I used the transmission to slow and brake the truck till we parked at our house.

As luck would have it, the dealer where I turned the truck in was only about two miles away. After unloading the truck the next day, I turned it into the dealer and told him what had happened to the truck and that is was not safe to drive.

Positive points on U-Haul:
1. large size, 2. easy ride, 3. low loading height.

1. Reserving a truck has little meaning, 2. local dealers don't seem to care and managers care little, 3. poor to no maintenance on their trucks, 3. leaking roofs.

Would I rent from U-Haul again? NO, not if there was any other way to move.

[Editor's note by Diane: Craig also noted that he had a good experience getting loading and unloading labor from - see below.]

Craig wrote:Quotes for a couple of helpers to load truck from moving companies were quite high and frankly did not give me a warm cozy feeling that they would show up on time. On time was of essence in my case as I had to be out of the house by a certain date etc.

I went to emove's web site and picked out a good rated local firm and bought a few hours of loading time for two helpers. Within a couple of hours the owner called me and assured me they would be there. To make a long story short they showed up on time and had the truck loaded in rapid time..........with an hour to spare. . . .

We needed help to unload the truck in FL, so I went to emove's site and bought a couple of hours for two men there. This was 7am in the morning. I had not had time to log off the web site when the owner of the moving help company in FL called me on the cell phone and assured me that the guys would be there and if anything changed to let him know if I was running late or early he could adjust.

Two days before the unloading date the owner called us while we were on the road and asked how we were doing and how the schedule looked. We were on schedule. Here again, when we arrived in FL at the new home, not two guys, but three showed up to unload for the price of two. Owner said he wanted to keep his guys busy.

This [getting loading and unloading help through] was the easiest part of our entire moving task. . . .

:D I used Blodgett Express in Francestown, NH and Martin Relocation Specialist in Ocala, FL. I was very pleased with both services. I don't think anyone could go wrong by picking help in other areas of the US based on the star ratings and the reviews.

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Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Diane » Fri Feb 18, 2005 3:57 pm

Re-posting this post by "Doug" commenting on U-Haul and the above post:

Doug wrote:Comment on experience I had with U-Haul reservations.

I had put a reservation in for a 14' truck thru the U-Haul website, had been given confirmation number and location of truck availability and paid the $5 on my CC. Seing as the place I was to get the truck from was on the way home I had stopped in to verify. The guy said "yes" I had one for that day. I arrive the day of reservation to be told no truck?? I asked why and was told that "his" customers had already picked up trucks that he had made reservations for and that U-Haul reservation HQ should have known he had none available. See the double talk by both companies!!!

I called customer "no service" and they had another facility, 10 miles away. They contacted me to inform that one would be available at night!!. I needed the truck so I had to wait. U-Haul HQ would not credit my CC because they said I received a vehicle regardless that it was not at the place.

I later had a conversation with a person who actually had worked for U-Haul and now manages the storage facility I am using. She advised that this is a STANDARD practice to OVERBOOK reservations with the knowledge that vehicles are not available. This is how they get fees and then give you the run-around. As long as they get you a vehicle, albiet miles from where you were, they fulfilled the reservation. I now go "in person" to rent any vehicle and this guarantee's it is there for me to pick-up.

I responded that a U-Haul employee came on here (review #8 on this thread) to say that with U-Haul, your time and place of pickup are never guaranteed. People might have to drive 80 miles as Craig did and pick the truck up at 6 pm and that is still not considered a service failure by the company. The U-Haul employee also said that people should always go to an actual U-Haul store to make the reservation because the people at the central reservations number will say anything to make the sale. He added that some managers hide their trucks from the general public or even from other U-Haul employees in order to give a truck to favored customers whose move pays more.

Guest (#23)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Guest (#23) » Tue Mar 29, 2005 10:40 am

Date: Originally posted 2/28/05
Move: N/A
Company: U-Haul (comments by a former U-Haul manager)
Cost: N/A

This is a pretty funny site, lol. I worked as a Senior Manager for nearly 6 years in California. You have got to realize what you are dealing with when you rent a U-Haul.

Yes, they buy new trucks all the time. But, they also keep the old ones running around...well because they are paid for so they just make profit off those (kinda like keeping your car after making payments for 5 years). The newer trucks are nice, but there are many more older ones so unless you are moving really, really far, you will most likely end up with a clunker (all local trucks are really old!)

The mechanics responsible for keeping the maintenance and repairs up on these trucks are WAY overworked and earn towards the bottom end of the scale for mechanics. get what you pay for! I mean C'mon, you do know that it is alot of work to keep those old 26' trucks running with 300k on them.....

The employees are typically the same people you;ll find in any retail environment, and arent; likely to deal well with frustrated customers (they usually just pass you off to the manager).

And U-Haul customers will be frustrated alot! Idiots in Pheonix make reservations to EVERYONE, regardless if that entire region is devoid of available trucks or not. They don;t know, they just make reservations and can;t even see the local truck inventory or current location schedules for the equipment they have. The local delaers and centers get the shaft because they have to deal with very angry (and rightfully so) customers who have a reservation in hand, but no truck...or a truck that shouldn;t be rented for safety reasons.

I used to love getting those last minute reservations from Phoenix every Friday night or Saturday morning for the weekend that would no way be filled until Monday or Tuesday. Guess what. Every Saturday morning in every U-Haul Center, there are alot of angry people who will not be getting a truck (and yes, I would scrub your $50-$60 local or short one way rental for that guy who just made a reservation cross-country for $2500. Sorry, but you have to play the numbers).

Know what you're renting...
A cheap truck that will (hopefully) get you from point A to point B, not a lexus. It will ride like a truck (bouncy and noisy), nide like your little luxury sedan.

There may not be a truck available, no matter when you make your reservation, as most of the equiment scheduling is done a day or so prior (trucks move around form location to location, some return others don't)
Every company has booking problems (Ryder/Budget/Hertz...all of them), but U-Haul forces the locations to rent the trucks ALOT more than other companies. Thus while Ryder/Budget may want every local truck in it's fleet ot rent an average of 2 or 3 times a week, Uhaul pushes for 6-7.
This is why you get 6-8 hour rentals for local moves on weekends....need to keep the truck rotating through customers.

If you;re going to rent a U-Haul, especially one-way, visit a dealer or center near you the WEEK OF THE MOVE!. see what they have on the lot and then reserve it.....AT THE LOCATION, not online or by phone. Booking way in advance is not going to help you...

Also, as a helpful hint, the maintenance chart is directly behind the drivers headrest (every 5000 miles should have a sticker so if your truck has 78,000 miles and the last maintence was at 65,000....IT IS DUE! Let hem know that and while you may still want to rent the vehicle (or else be without a truck for the move), have him knock some cash off the price...the manager can adjust the price accordingly.

very disappointed (#24)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby very disappointed (#24) » Tue Mar 29, 2005 10:43 am

Date: Originally posted 3/28/05
Move: Phoenix (local)
Company: U-Haul
Cost: Unknown for a 14-foot truck

:evil: Last week my girlfriend arranged reservations for a 14ft truck the following sunday..Easter sunday for a local move in the Phoenix area. The Uhaul place (or single truck) shared the building with a small convience store..

On sunday we arrive ready to pick up our truck to learn the Uhaul guy is not there and he failed to leave a key for us. Today, which is Monday I call this Uhaul guy up to have him tell me we had NO reservation when this same guy called my girlfriend on last week to ask her some information for the truck rental...I tell him I would call him back to check with my girl...

when I do call back..We try to reserve another truck for Tue since our sunday was messed up and now they want overninght fees...That is exactley why we set it up for Sunday...Then I am put on hold for 10 minutes with the phone on the counter listening to another customer getting angry at the counter...I hang up and call back...put on hold..and had the phone hung up on me..

I call back again to learn this Uhaul guy is now gone until 1pm. The convience store guys are telling me this..They share the same phnoe line....I will never do business with Uhaul again....

JWright (#25)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby JWright (#25) » Fri Jun 10, 2005 9:56 pm

Date: 6/05
Move: DC to NYC
Company: Penske
Cost: $299 for a 16-foot truck

Just a follow up to let you know how my move went from DC to NYC.

I ordered boxes from a site recommended here... They were perfect. delivered very fast with no problems.

Forum members pointed me to the Port Authority and NY DOT websites -
This info was very helpful for current guidelines re: bridge & tunnel restrictions. It helped us figure out that we should try to get everyting into a 16' truck to avoid tunnel delays/inspections.

We rented a Penske truck in DC and had a GREAT experience. I followed the links for discounts posted on this message board and booked a 16' truck for around $400. Then, a week before the move, we called to confirm the truck. Penske actually reduced the price to $299 because they were advertising rate specials. They did this without being prompted. Wow! The truck was brand new (4,000 miles) and all our extras were included (hand truck & moving mats).

We used Gulliver's Movers in DC to load our truck. We have used them for 5 moves in 4 years and could not be happier with the service. They were on time, professional and brilliant at getting all our junk in a small truck. We had a large one bedroom and about 40 boxes. All of it fit in the truck.

We drove on a Wednesday - left DC at about 7:45 am and were at our apartment in NY by noon. Middle of the week worked out to be the best time to make the drive into the city.

I hired Big Apple Movers in NYC to unload the truck. Unfortunately, they were 3 hours late and did a terrible job. They sent two small guys who rushed through the unloading with no regard for logical placement in the apartment. We were supposed to be finished by 5 pm (doorman buildings frequently have restrictions so be sure to check with the landlord). Because they were so late, and slow, we had to pay the doorman to stay late to keep the back door (freight area) open for us. The movers left half our stuff in the hallway and bailed. We could barely get through the front door because they left boxes & a mattress just inside.

I will admit, though, that I booked them at the last minute (one week notice) for a very busy moving day (June 1). With very little time to plan, my options were limited and I was relieved that they agreed to book me. I expected them to be late but it was worse than I thought! The reviews on All Star were fantastic (on multiple websites). They, unfortunately, were booked solid that day.

All in all, this message board was a lifesaver. The advice on renting a truck yourself was priceless. Hiring local movers to load & unload was significantly cheaper for us and we had our things same day. Full service movers would only commit to a one week window of time and would have cost us 2-3x more. Also, make sure you verify building regulations and check for tunnel restrictions if you have a bigger truck. Finally, ordering moving boxes online was great. I saved a fortune and it was incredibly convenient.

Hope that helps someone out there. Thank you! You were an amazing resource!!!

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Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Diane » Sat Jun 11, 2005 1:40 pm

:arrow: June 7, 2005 - Someone has just posted that you can get a 30% discount from Penske just by asking a customer service rep for it on the phone--no fooling around with web discounts. - In addition, someone else posted that a Penske phone rep offered to match a Budget price in Manhattan as long as it wasn't more than 40% lower than Penske's price - These things are definitely worth checking into.

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Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Diane » Sun Jun 12, 2005 1:00 pm

Also, "yc" (who is moving with ABF, not using U-Haul) posted on 6/9/05 that you can get a month's free storage with U-Haul if you use any of the loaders, etc. listed on their website -

Since ABF does not offer free storage (which I will need for 2 weeks) I'm going to be storing my things at a local U-Haul storage center. The good thing is that if I use an helper to help me load/unload (or basically do any part of my move), U-Haul give me 1 free month storage. You just have to tell U-Haul that you are using

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