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Re: ABF U-Pack Moving Reviews (115 total - 103 good/5 neutral)

Postby veritas » Sun Jun 10, 2007 2:45 am

[Editor's note by Diane: I can't insert the number but this is ABF review #115.]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/07
Move: Miami to Portland, OR
Cost: $2,6550 for two ReloCubes (6'x7'x8') door to door

I used U-Pack for a move from Miami to Portland, OR. Overall it was a very good experience with a couple hick-ups.

First: Make sure you pack it to the top and anything loose is GOING TO MOVE during shipping. So if you are going to pack artwork up to the ceiling because you have a 6" gap just understand it is going to be the first thing to fall on you when you open the door. This is NOT ABF's issue but be advised its going to happen.

Second: Make sure and I do mean 100% sure you are on a flat surface.

We were living in a highbrow condo in Miami (aka "poserville") and the management wasn't thrilled at having storage pods delivered. They told me it brought down the image of the Turnberry on the Green. I told them to get bent and they worked for me...not the other way around. While that conversation went over about as good and trouble free as it sounds we decided to put the boxes in the loading dock which has a downward pitch of about 10 degrees. Well the empties went down fine but the full ones did not come out so easy.

After about an hour of wrestling with the boxes the forklift slid, hit a supporting concrete beam and got stuck with the full pod about 4 feet in the air. I had to get a ladder, unload it 50% so the forklift could get traction again and then repack it on solid ground.

Yes it was one of the more entertaining days during my time in Florida. Apparently the driver who dropped it off was a new guy and didn't quite understand the whole "complex angle" and "gravity" concepts just yet.

Once in Portland it was relatively painless, however we had some trouble with one of the doors not lining up again. But the driver lifted it with his fork lift and lined it up so we could close it until we found some guys to help us unload.

Total cost: $2650 for the move. Compared to Penske which charges $1500 which seems like a bargain. Until you consider gas is $3.25 and the shortest route was 3300 miles. As their trucks get an impressive 6 miles to the gallon it would have likely cost as much or more.

As for hiring movers, the last time I did, the "hepatitis C trio" showed up. I hired a well respected (supposedly), licensed, bonded, etc... mover. But the guys who showed up to do the move were straight out of central casting or straight out of county jail. I am not 100% either way. So I am pretty much committed to self-moving and hiring day laborers. The costs are less and the damage and drama are comparable.

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Re: ABF U-Pack Moving Reviews (116 total - 104 good/5 neutral)

Postby Diane » Thu Jun 28, 2007 10:31 am

Re-posting an ABF review - #116 - posted by "ymbd" that includes reviews of the companies (Shea, Minute Man) that loaded and unloaded the trailer.

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/07
Move: Brooklyn to Fresno, TX
Cost: About $2500 for 11 feet in an ABF trailer

ymbd wrote:6/4/07 - I have a move scheduled with ABF on 6/6/07 for 8 linear feet at $2082 door to door from brooklyn to fresno, tx, all thanks to this wonderful website. I reserved loading help with shea moving from 2:30pm - 6:30pm and hope and pray everthing goes well.

I will come back and give an update on thursday. Thanks again.

Oh yes, I initially reserved loading help with albert moving to the tune of $654 . After more researching i realized not only was it too expensive but also the reviews left much to be desired. Shea is doing the same work for 1/2 the cost.

Diane wrote: 6/4/07 - ABF needs to rethink its mention of Albert Moving on its Resources page, in my opinion. Albert is essentially functioning as a broker referring the customer to workers from local movers, thus putting an undesirable extra layer between the customer and the actual workers. It's almost always better to eliminate the middleman (the broker) so you know who you're dealing with and can save some money (the broker's inevitable commission).

ymbd wrote: 6/10/07 - update on the move. Ok, my ABF truck was scheduled to come between the hours of 1:30pm -3:30pm. MY movers were scheduled to arrive at 2:30pm. Thankfully, my husband and neighbor were restless and decided to start bringing down the boxes. REmeber we live on a one flight walk up. It took them 2.5 hours to bring down 2/3 of the boxes and by the time they finished at 3pm my first loader from Shea moving arrived 1/2 late. He asssessed the boxes and looked releived . The other loader was stuck in manhatten traffic and arrived at 345pm. The first loader began wrapping our big butt 35in TV and wrapping out couches with the "saran wrap thing" (we supplied all things to be used). The truck arrived at 4pm (1/2 late) but was very nice and "good" to us. He unloaded the ramp and set it up.

By then the two loaders really went to "work". These two guys one short and thick the other tall and slim moved like lighting. The tall slim one loaded things in the back of the truck and the shorter one packed them up tight all the way to the top using our step ladder.

We reserved 8 feet, they estimated 15 feet but packed everything tight into 11 feet, all within two hours. WE WERE SO IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even the driver commented on their excellent packing skills.

In the end they were with us for roughly 3 hours and charged us $210. We gave them each $45 tips and they not only looked shocked but impressed. The taller one kept saying do you realize you gave us $300.

Money well spent, especially considering we almost paid albert moving $645 . Oh yeah if my husband and neigbor had not moved all those boxes. No way would have my stuff been brought down and loading into the thruck within the alloted 4 hour time and we would have paid an extra $35 per 15 minutes over the time for ABF.

All in all both companies get A's from me so far. My things are now in little rock ,ar but i hope they dont arrive until tuesday since i wont be in houston until wendesday evening and i want to take advantage of the two free day storage.

Diane wrote:6/11/07 - It's useful to know that with approximately 5000 pounds of stuff (11 feet in the trailer) to be moved from a second-floor walkup, it took the equivalent of two people almost 6 hours to load. That should provide some guidance for others scheduling such a pickup in NYC.

Also, if your husband and his friend hadn't pitched in, the Shea workers might have been there for 6 hours at a cost of $420 - a little closer to the $645 bid by Albert Moving, although still far below it. I am just making a note of this for future reference.

ymbd wrote: 6/17/07 - Final Report.

I'm here in TEXAS YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We drove our SUV down(NEVER will do that again) and our ABF truck beat us here by 3 days. The estimated date for arrival was 6/13/07 and they reached Houston on 6/11/07. Thankfully since they worked off my estimate, I had until Friday 6/15/07 to have my trailer delivered to my new home.

On 6/14/07, 30 minutes from our home an ABF dispatcher called to find out where we were since the truck was waiting for us at home. Thankfully the truck driver waited the 30minutes for us and helped my husband set up the ramp.

As everyone mentioned, the bulk head shifted [during unloading] and some of my boxes were crushed but only one thing broke (our fault) a mug .

We used MinuteMan moving here in Houston (a small company) to assist with unloading and they were so courteous and efficient.

All in all this has been an amazing experience. ABF was wonderful, SHEA Moving was wonderful and last but not least Minute Man moving.

Thanks again to everyone for this amazing website.


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Re: ABF U-Pack Moving Reviews (117 total - 105 good/5 neutral)

Postby Diane » Thu Jun 28, 2007 3:17 pm

Re-posting a very good review by a person who was later unable to get an ABF ReloCube for his fiancee's move (hence his screen name). This is review #117:

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/07
Move: Denver to Fresno, CA
Cost: About $1500 for one ReloCube, door-to-door

couldn'tgetABF wrote: 6/28/07 - This is my story.

Well, I moved from Denver, CO to Fresno, CA about three weeks ago.

I had very few things to move, so I wasn't looking for a big truck for my move. Also, as my car is pretty old, I didn't want to force it too much on the drive to CA by getting something to tow my stuff on. So, I looked for alternatives, and I chose ABF in part for the good reviews and for the price ($1500 or so).

Well, the day they brought the relocube the driver called me to ask me where to park around my place, after that he arrived, I signed some stuff (the price and all that was exactly as arranged before), then we use a forklifter to place the relocube in my parking spot. I loaded everything next morning and I call for them to pick the relocube up... they came later, and I got a little scared for a second because they don't let you know they took it already, so I lokked out the window and IT WASN"T THERE!! (I called ABF and they told me they took it ).

They said the relocube will be in CA by Wednesday, and it was, and they delivered to my place the same day. The next day I called them it was empty, they took it. Nice and easy, they charged my credit card with what they said before.

I was so happy with all working so smoothly that I even filled the survey they sent me laterby e-mail!!!

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Re: ABF U-Pack Moving Reviews (118 total - 106 good/5 neutral)

Postby tbinboston » Sat Jul 14, 2007 3:20 am

[Editor's note by Diane: I can't insert the number but this is ABF review #118.]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/07
Move: Boston to OR
Cost: Unknown

I would like to add my positive review with U-Pack. Everything was just as they said it would be and everyone I worked with was helpful. No trouble what so ever. Moved my stuff from MASS to OR in 8 days!

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Re: ABF U-Pack Moving Reviews (118 total - 106 good/5 neutral)

Postby Diane » Thu Jul 19, 2007 9:59 am

If you go to www.photobucket.com and search on ABF U-Pack, there are two good photos of a trailer being loaded in 2007.

Also, YouTube.com has a video (posted in April 2007) showing an ABF ReloCube being delivered - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym9EnlZW5u8

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ABF U-Pack Review: MA to NC, Terminal-to-Terminal Relocube Move

Postby leftcoaster » Sat Jul 21, 2007 12:53 pm

[Editor's note by Diane: I can't insert the number but this is ABF review #119.]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/07
Move: Cambridge, MA to Carrboro, NC
Cost: $360 for one ReloCube, terminal-to-terminal

ABF Terminal-to-terminal was a very fast & affordable option!

PROS: low cost for terminal-to-terminal, cube was easy to pack, ABF has professional and flexible staff

CONS: it took me 3 trips to load (& unload) the cube with my vehicle, felt a little conspicuous as a single woman at one of the terminals

Full Review:

I want to start my review by saying thank you to movingscam.com for providing such a great resource for my move! I wouldn't have found ABF without doing some research here first.

My ABF/U-Pack move went well, and was very, very affordable (even cheaper than pulling a U-Haul trailer!). Since I'm on a very tight budget at the moment, I elected to do the inexpensive terminal-to-terminal option with a Relocube. I did not move any furniture (sold it before the move), but had boxes, suitcases, and Rubbermaid containers full of books, clothes, household items, etc. I also moved my bicycle in the Relocube. In the end, I could have moved some furniture along with my belongings -- I only ended up filling the Relocube up about 1/3 of the way (roughly waist-high). I was careful to pack all of my boxes well, and even put all of my fragile items in the Relocube. Not a single item was broken or damaged. I laid the bicycle across the top, and secured it well on both sides so it would not bash around. I did my best to tie-down my stuff to the side of the cube so that it wouldn't shift around, and also to pack everything in as tightly as I could so that there was no space for stuff to slide. (I even stuffed some of the cracks with scrap cardboard.)

ABF staff were laid back, professional, and flexible. They had my cube ready for me when I arrived at the terminals in West Bridgewater, MA and Durham, NC. In West Bridgewater, my cube was in a corner of the freight yard, well out of the way of the trucks. I did feel a little bit conspicuous there as a single woman loading her cube alone -- I felt some uncomfortable stares from one staff person at the terminal, but didn't have any other problems. In Durham, I unloaded my cube much closer to where the trucks were coming and going, and felt like I was in the way of the staff & trucks, but they were able to negotiate around me. Staff at the terminals were very flexible -- they allowed me to change my pickup day twice. My cube arrived a day earlier than I expected it in NC -- it was very fast! My only real frustration with the packing was the weather (it was in the 90s and humid both days!) and with the Boston-area traffic between Cambridge & West Bridgewater (really bad on a Friday!!). The packing of my cube took a whole day, by the time I made 3 trips from home to the terminal and then figured out the puzzle of how everything best fit together in the cube. The unloading took half a day.

My cube was very clean, and was larger than I visualized. It had riveted sides that you could tie ropes to, or hook bungee cords into. I was a little worried about how weather-proof they would be, but there was nothing but sunshine between MA & NC while my cube was being transported, so I didn't have to test that.

One downside to the terminal-to-terminal was that I was only able to pack my cube between 7am-7pm on Monday-Friday; meaning that all of my friends who would have been happy to help with the moving were working and unavailable, and I had do to all of the loading & unloading myself.

All in all, I will definitely recommend ABF to friends. It would have been much more convenient to pay more and have the cube delivered to my front door to save me the multiple car trips. However, for me, the inconvenience of making multiple trips was worth the cost savings! In the future, I may try to (a) recruit friends to help with the moving/packing, and/or (b) borrow or rent a vehicle that could hold more cargo than my Subaru wagon so that I only had to make 1 or 2 trips to load/unload.

Some tips for your terminal-to-terminal move:
(1) It's tough to figure out how all of your items will fit in the cube without having them all there. Although I tried to strategize beforehand and take the heaviest boxes first, etc., I ended up re-packing and moving almost everything around when I had all of my stuff there.
(2) Try to get a large vehicle and/or friends with vehicles (if you can) to reduce the # of trips you need to load your cube up.
(3) Be prepared -- bring scissors/knife, rope, bungee cords, or other tie-down materials. I found it helpful to have more than 1 option -- I used rope as well as bungee cords, depending on the item. Also bring stuff for packing & cushioning.

Thanks again to all movingscam.com users for the great advice! :D

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Re: ABF U-Pack Moving Reviews (120 total - 108 good/5 neutral)

Postby Diane » Sun Jul 29, 2007 8:18 am

[Editor's note by Diane: I am re-posting this review (#120) from Epinions. It was posted on 7/28/07 by "rottndobie" at http://www99.epinions.com/content_399263436420 ]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/07
Move: Riverside, CA, to Eugene, OR
Cost: $787 for 5 feet in a trailer, terminal-to-terminal

Pros: All around, a very quality and inexpensive way to move.

Cons: None - Extremely please with every aspect of my move.

The Bottom Line

HIGHLY recommend - excellent service and price.

Full Review

Recently moved from Riverside, CA to Eugene, OR; a distance of over 900 miles. At first I was going to use a U-Haul trailer. However the week before I was scheduled to have a hitch installed on my van, there was an expose in the Los Angeles Times about U-Haul. It was a year long study that they did. After reading the article I was in no way going to use U-Haul. The article nearly gave me a heart attack what with all the accidents and poor maintenance of their equipment.

I went on-line to see about an alternative and found ABF U-Pack. I contacted them and found out that it would only cost me about $100 more to use their services vs U-Haul. The risks involved with U-Haul more then made my decision. I really appreciated them doing the driving with less stress on me.

I chose the terminal to terminal option due to the fact I did not have a lot of stuff and most were in boxes. The people at both my loading terminal and pick-up terminal were extremely helpful - set up the loading ramp and installed the bulkhead for me. When I went to unload my belonging, they were in almost the exact same place I had put them. A couple boxes had moved but did not fall. Nothing was broken or damaged.

Everyone I spoke with or had dealings with at U-Pack were not only knowledgeable but very helpful and courteous. In fact, my personal belongings arrived several days ahead of schedule, before even me, but they did not change the unloading date at all. I will not hesitate to recommend ABF U-Pack to anyone making a move. I only wish I had heard about them years ago.

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Re: ABF U-Pack Moving Reviews (119 total - 107 good/5 neutral)

Postby Diane » Sun Jul 29, 2007 8:35 am

Re-posting a comment just posted by "fallfrthrn" in the Report a Scam forum:
I am in the middle of the Moving Seagull nightmare as we speak. My story is not much different. They load your stuff.. tell you to pay by cubic feet because its cheaper than weight so they don't have to make the trip to the scale. Once they get your stuff they keep bumping your load. It was supposed to be here on July 19th and its now July 27th and no furniture.

Most of us make these interstate moves heading to new jobs and I can relate to the starting a new job under the pressure of no furniture. Hotel stay seems like an obvious answer but when you have an apartment you rented that you set a move in date for you don't want to lose a deposit there because you don't show up for move-in. You live trying to spend as little money as possible in case you need your cash to get your belongings released.

The very worst part is these people have no heart for returning your phone calls. Its all about how many loads they can book and which of their customers they can string along.

I will never use a mover again. I have used ABF upack for an interstate move before and I chose not to this time. Largest mistake I ever made. -
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Re: ABF U-Pack Moving Reviews (121 total - 109 good/5 neutral)

Postby Diane » Tue Aug 07, 2007 4:16 pm

Re-posting a very good review (ABF review #121) of a move from Van Nuys, CA, to Greenwich, CT.

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/07
Move: CA to CT
Cost: $3049 for 14 feet in a trailer, door-to-door

haveacupcake wrote: 8/7/07 - We finally made it to the East Coast. YAY!

My experience with ABF UPack was great. I must have called them 20-30 times with questions, confirmations, etc. We used 14 feet of the 28 foot trailer. Thanks to all the great advice on this forum - I had tarps and Saf T Lock bars ready. The trailer was dropped off on July 19 and picked up on July 23. The trailer arrived in front of our home in CT on the afternoon of July 31. The drivers, the dispatcher, the customer service agents were all wonderful.
If I were to do another pack it yourself move - I would definitely use them. But the physical labor of this move was MUCH harder than we expected - even with lots of family and friends helping us on both ends. So if I'd had the money - and I were doing it all over again - I would go full-service. But for our budget - it worked out just fine.
Oh - I only had ONE thing break - the rim around a small lampshade. Everything else was in tip top shape. :D

Oh yeah - the cost - $3049.00 from Van Nuys to Greenwich
Six business days from door to door
I would recommend them


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Re: ABF U-Pack Moving Reviews (122 total - 110 good/5 neutral)

Postby The Other Dr. Phil » Sun Aug 12, 2007 11:11 am

[Editor's note by Diane: I can't insert the number but this is ABF review #122.]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/07
Move: Tacoma, WA, to Marietta, GA - also an earlier move from Minneapolis to Tacoma (see last paragraph)
Cost: $2800 for 16 feet in a trailer, door-to-door

I just finished a successful move with U-Pack from Tacoma, WA to Marietta, GA. I used 16 feet of a trailer and it cost me $2800. Aside from the exhausting heavy labor of moving all of my junk, everything was smooth and easy. I would definitely recommend ABF.

My only word of advice would be to tie everything down really well. I used something like 500 total feet of rope to make sure the load was secure. As I was packing, I would tie everything carefully to the sides of the trailer every four feet or so. Once it was all in the truck, I made a big net of rope to keep things from moving. It turned out to be a good thing for me to have been so diligent. On arrival, the driver said that the bulkhead had loosened, but since I had been so careful about tying down my belongings, nothing shifted or broke.

Incidentally, about ten years ago my family was ripped off by a particularly notorious moving scam (it was featured on Dateline). Since then we've used ABF twice: the move described above and an earlier move in 2000 from Minneapolis to Tacoma. Both times were great, with no problems at all.

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Re: ABF U-Pack Moving Reviews (123 total - 111 good/5 neutral)

Postby iwilleatyou » Sun Aug 12, 2007 11:21 am

[Editor's note by Diane: I can't insert the number but this is ABF review #123.]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 8/07
Move: Brooklyn, NY, to Minneapolis
Cost: Unknown for unknown number of feet in a trailer, door-to-door

I actually took the time to register for this site just so I could report back that ABF is for real and we had a great experience moving from Brooklyn to Minneapolis. Seriously could not have gone smoother. U-Pack was great, we packed all of our stuff carefully and followed the advice listed on this board.

If you want your stuff to survive here are the two biggest things I think helped all of our boxes arrive intact:

1) Don't stack the boxes too high. We splurged on two extra feet ($68 ) of space and spread stuff out a little more

2) Pack your boxes tight. We spread all of our linens out amongst our boxes to make sure there was no room for the boxes to concave and crush

Drivers on both ends were super helpful in putting up and removing the bulkhead/ramp. We tied everything down and even our most delicate furniture arrived unscathed.

Would definitely move this way again.

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Re: ABF U-Pack Moving Reviews (123 total - 111 good/5 neutral)

Postby NHMS-1 » Mon Aug 13, 2007 8:28 am

cbreeze (#68 ) wrote:
Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2006 2:31 pm Post subject: Re: 68 reviews of ABF U-Pack (59 good / 4 neutral)


Recommended: yes
Date: 5/06-6/06
Move: Pittsburgh, PA, to Irvine, CA
Cost: $1350 for one mobile storage container (ReloCube)

Post #1 - 5/1/06


I wanted to thank cbreeze (#68 ) for putting the complete description of their move from Pittsburgh to CA last year. We werere the guys in Pittsburgh who packed the ABF container. We've been getting calls off his posting and we didn't know they did a write up.

We pack PODS, ABF and any rental truck. We've been in business since 2002 and were insured and bonded. We only to packing and unpacking jobs, no trucking. Our site is nhms.us.

A few words about ABF containers,

1. They are great for college students and professionals with a small apartments. We found out from cbreeze (#68 ) that they won't charge you if you don't use one of the lockers. We were able to get all his sons stuff into one and saved them around $1,100 for the second one. That was the coast to coast price.

2. Get lots of moving blankets! You can really pack them to the roof if you can wrap everything. We like to strarch wrap everything and you can use 100% of the space.

3. Disassemble all your Ikea stuff. It saves space and Ikea always falls apart when bounced around. Streach wrap the part together. If you can't take it part really streach wrap it to take some of the stress off. The screws pull right out of the particle board.

4. Always tie off before you close the doors. Stuff shifts and you don't want to get hit in the face when you swing the door open. Its happened to me more than one. We didn't pack it, we were just unloading. Use the straps if you can get them.

5. Always have a backup plan in case you can't get everything in the container. Prioritize what HAS to go. Somethimes we get the whole locker packed and people change their mind and want to throw away something we packed 1st and add something else at the end.

6. Pack you couch pillows in grabage bags and then use them for padding. They take up space on top were you want light stuff and help lock everything in. Also always get the sofa in 1st standing up. Stack light boxes inside and square it off. Use you matress to make walls.

I'll post later on the ABF trailers. They're a whole different story. You have to be very careful there. Lots of ways to get things destroyed. We've done around 1,800 packing jobs in the past 4 years and were happy to contribute our experience.

Pittsburgh PA
Paul M

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Re: ABF U-Pack Moving Reviews (124 total - 112 good/5 neutral)

Postby Diane » Sun Aug 19, 2007 10:08 am

Thanks for the helpful tips, Paul. Your company is already on the Superlist for PA linked to below my name, but I'll add a few details such as your website. We look forward to your comments about how to load an ABF trailer.

[Editor's note by Diane: I am re-posting the following review (#124) from Epinions. It was posted on 8/14/07 by "satisfied7" at http://www.epinions.com/content_400646246020 ]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 8/07
Move: Unknown
Cost: $1148 for unknown number of feet in a trailer plus $50/day storage fee
Topic title: Positive Experience

Pros: Friendly service, knowledgeable personnel, no computer-generated answering service - real person, flexibility

Cons: None! Some might not want to pack/unpack the truck themselves.

The Bottom Line

I would recommend ABF-U-Pack because of their friendly, courteous service and their personable way of treating customers.

Full Review

I can only say good things about our experience with ABF U-Pack services. From the initial call to the final pick up we received friendly, courteous and knowledgeable service personnel. The truck was dropped off when and where we wanted it with no hassles and pick up the same way. It arrived at our destination even before it was promised. Since we were not ready for delivery due to some unexpected delays in our closing, they were very courteous about the delay and kept our truck at their location until we requested it. After the free days were used up, the charge was only $50 a day to store and when we finally were ready, they didn't charge the storage fee for the day it was delivered. We found all our belongings in the truck unharmed and safe.

All of this said, one of the best parts of working with ABF was the fact that I didn't have to wait on hold for long periods of time nor did I have to work my way through an obstacle course of voice prompts. When I dialed the number, a real live person immediately picked up at the other end. How refreshing when with the move I had numerous calls to make to companies for end or start of services or change of addresses...I spent countless hours waiting to actually speak to a person. I never dreaded calling ABF (and I needed to call them often because of the our situation) because I knew someone would actually pick up the phone on the other end....and that I'd be greeted and treated in a friendly manner. By the time our move was complete and we no longer needed their services, I almost felt like part of the ABF family and knew some of the employees by name! I would not hesitate to recommend ABF U-Pack services!
Check out domestic companies on this thread. Click here for a detailed, authoritative article on international moving.

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Re: ABF U-Pack Moving Reviews (125 total - 113 good/5 neutral)

Postby Diane » Sun Aug 19, 2007 10:09 am

[Editor's note by Diane: I am re-posting this review (#125) from Epinions. It was posted on 8/18/07 by "happycustomer9" at http://www.epinions.com/content_401050340996 ]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 8/07
Move: Flint, MI to unknown location
Cost: $3212 for an entire 28-foot trailer, door to door

Topic title: Flint, Michigan Office is WONDERFUL!

Pros: Got 4 quotes from moving companies, this was half the price!

Cons: It was strenuous work moving boxes & furniture!

The Bottom Line

We would have no second thoughts using or recommending this service in the future. Great savings if you're willing to do all the work and great customer service.

Full Review

I found the Flint, Mi office was 100% courteous & professional from the phone dispatch to the drivers. Our many questions were answered patiently and completely. The driver took the time to park the truck exactly where we wanted it & was careful not to run off the driveway and crush a sprinkler head. It was impressive to see how he effortlessly backed the rig into the perfect spot on the 1st try. The driver took the time to thoroughly explain how to install the bulkhead and fixed a damaged spot on the interior of the truck so we wouldn't cut ourselves during the packing process.

3/4 of the way through the loading of the truck we assessed the quantity of items remaining to be packed and determined that we would need at least another 1/4 of a truck, if not half. We called after 6 pm and they promptly delivered a 2nd truck the next morning despite the short notice we gave them, thus insuring no delay in our packing. As it turned out, in filling the final 1/4 of the first truck, we were able to fit enough of the valuable items, that we decided we didn't need the 2nd truck after all. We felt that the remaining pieces of furniture were worth less than the cost of renting another 1/4 of a truck. We figured even if it cost $100 delivery fee just for bringing the 2nd truck, it was still better to just give away the remaining furniture to my family who helped us pack.

To our pleasant surprise, the Flint office dispatch told us that they wouldn't charge us for the 2nd truck because we lived only 5 minutes away from their office. This was completely unexpected especially in this day and age when it seems like most businesses want to squeeze every penny out of you and apply ridiculous fees for insignificant services. Instead this company did what any company with good customer service should do and realized that a small gesture of kindness is a great way to thank a customer for choosing them. So, they lost a few bucks in gas and the driver's hourly rate for driving the truck 8-10 miles for nothing, but they earned our trust for life. We would definitely use U-Pack again and recommend it to everyone!

Also, the truck arrived quicker than planned. No problems!

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Re: ABF U-Pack Moving Reviews (126 total - 114 good/5 neutral)

Postby Diane » Thu Aug 30, 2007 12:17 pm

Re-posting an exchange about using ABF Freight to move boxes from Canada to the U.S. - this is ABF review #126:

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 8/07
Move: Alberta, Canada to Claremont, CA
Cost: Unknown for unknown number of items sent by freight, terminal to terminal

rsp1 wrote: 6/18/07 - This summer I am moving from Edmonton, AB to Claremont, CA. I have booked ABF for this move as it is affordable and has good reviews on this site. However, I have finally found an apartment in Claremont and it is a very small studio, so I am no longer planning on taking any furniture with me. Therefore, the minimum footage with ABF is much more than I require and I'm trying to find a way to save money.

I need to move about 10 boxes of books and 4 suitcases of clothing and personal effects. I am planning to drive down with my sister and two cats in my sister's car, which is small and cannot fit all my stuff.
Fred0844 wrote:6/18/07 - Talk to ABF about taking your items to their terminal and putting it on a skid and shipping that way. You should only be charged for one standard skid, terminal to terminal.

rsp1 wrote:8/28/07 - Thanks for all the help. I ended up sending my boxes by ABF Freight. It was great to drive down with a light load and not worry about a trailer. My boxes arrived today in great shape. It ended up being a bit more expensive than I had anticipated, but that's because I packed so much stuff. All in all, an easy and cost effective way of sending goods.

Diane wrote:8/29/07 - Did you run into any customs problems?

rsp1 wrote: 8/29/07 - No customs problems. I filled out form 3299 and left it and my boxes with my dad. After I'd crossed the border, I faxed a copy of my visa to my dad, who then shipped my boxes. It all went smoothly.


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