Avoid: Moving Place and Estes

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Avoid: Moving Place and Estes

Postby ngharr » Fri Sep 27, 2019 7:57 pm

I enlisted Moving Place-brokers to hire a moving truck. They quoted me a price and a date, and it took many emails and phone calls to get a payment receipt from them, and a final date the truck would be delivered. Then they changed the date they told me the truck would arrive in Portland from July 11 to July 18. On July 3, 2019, Estes delivered a 28-ft truck, and left the trailer for us to load.

We were given the space of 6-feet, and we carefully stacked the sturdiest plastic boxes on the bottom, and the rest of the boxes on top. Then we used the red straps to hold the boxes against the wall, and the beams as well, and finally placed the partition on the 6-ft marking on the wall.

The truck was delivered on the 18th to the storage unit before I arrived, but when I did, I noticed that this truck was much smaller than the original truck, it was a 22-ft truck. When we opened the door, we saw that all of our belongings were lying on the ground, and broken boxes that appeared to have been smashed when they moved our boxes from the 28-ft truck into the 22-ft truck.

I was initially informed that once the partition was placed by me, that no one touched our boxes until the truck was delivered to us we opened it up. This is not the case though. The original 28-ft truck was clean, nothing on the floor, but the new 22-ft truck was littered in debris, and dandelions were on the bottoms of our smashed boxes; there are no dandelions in Fresno, but there are plenty in Oregon, and I assume this is where they performed the switcheroo. This is violation of what the brokers and Estes SureMove told me.

Then I received a call from the brokers - Moving Place from Chris telling me that we had used up 12-ft of space, and threatened to hold our boxes hostage until we paid an extra $300. I explained to him that the trucks had been switched and that this was extortion, but he insisted that I had used more space on the truck. I took photos and emailed them to him, showing that our belongings had been haphazardly thrown in the truck all over the floor, and without the red straps and beams that I had placed to keep the boxes securely on the back wall.

Chris refused to acknowledge the photos or my complaint saying over and over that that was the same truck, and I was forced to pay an extra $300 to get our boxes back. This is extortion and I would like the $300 reimbursed, and my initial $1299 for the transportation of a few boxes since the contents are mostly broken from being thrown back into the second trailer.

I spoke to Michael manager at Estes and he told me that they only use 28-ft trucks like the one I received in Fresno, but the one I received with our strewn and damaged boxes in Portland was 22-ft.

This seems like a scam to me and I'm not only out of an extra $300, but paid $1299 to have my things thrown into another truck, and damaged. I have photos of the 22-ft truck after Chris told me to take photos, but after I sent them to him, he insists it is the same truck; he then had the audacity to tell me that I should have taken photos of the truck I loaded in Fresno, in hindsight.

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