Real Movers of Lehigh Acres

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Real Movers of Lehigh Acres

Postby Sarakal15 » Sat Aug 10, 2019 2:09 pm

I used Real Movers In Lehigh Acres, FL for a long distance move on 7/18/19 to Georgetown, TX. We made an agreement to have my items moved on 7/20/19. Octavio assured me that he would be there at 9:30 am with a weekend delivery so someone would be there upon delivery. He pressured me to give him a 4500 deposit then told me that he couldn’t do my move unless he came at 4:30am! I’m disabled and have elderly parents who had to sit on my patio while he & his 16 year old son showed up to move my furniture, they immediately started picking things up without helping each other and as the antiques started breaking he & his teenage son kept saying that these family heirlooms were damaged. My dressers were tipped upside down causing the drawers not to open. Making matters worse, he drove straight through to TX showing up a whole day early expecting to deliver my items when a 12 year old was home alone. He demanded an additional 2k to deliver my items. He did not have his own moving van or team of movers as I was promised! When the receiving end contacted Octavio he was screaming at her and said he didn’t want to release my items because she is a retired veteran and he said he thought she would shoot him because she was in the army! We had to provide his underage son with fluids as he didn’t even come with a water cooler. Prior to him leaving my house with my stuff he forced me to do a video and photo saying that I was satisfied with their services. I told him that I did not want to be videotaped or have my picture taken & he would not leave unless I complied. He basically forced me to say things were satisfactory when he didn’t even finish the job. After breaking a bunch of my stuff, using a minor to move my stuff, not having a van, screaming at an army veteran, multiple calls and texts have been going on for a month demanding that I write a review for him. I contacted him today and asked for a partial refund for breaking the law doing business at 4:30 am to a disabled woman, illegal use of a minor, breaking multiple items by rushing & being careless, & not having proper help. He did not help me pack anything & refused to put things in the attic of my new house saying that I didn’t tell him the house was 2 stories. This is a total lie as he google searched my address and mentioned it was 2 stories. This man has been harassing me with texts and phone calls and he needs to be reported! Real Movers of Lehigh Acres is a total scam and he needs to be reported. He took advantage of a disabled woman and Iraq war veteran. Please warn anyone who needs to find a mover to steer clear of this scam artist and abusive man. I want my picture taken off his website and he refuses. I wanted an inventory list and he refused. I felt extremely threatened and I have proof of him making me do a video because my parents were there. Who expects a review before they deliver the stuff?please help!

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