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US-1 Vanlines

Postby ifuaskme2 » Wed Aug 29, 2018 12:38 pm

Anyone looking for info on US-1 OF GA grab a pen. They have lied repeatedly to their customers and are like the other company in Ohio. So far here's what I know. If Lisa says she's the owner she's a liar. Feel free to call her on it. The owners are Diane and Curtis Elmendorf and they live in a waterfront house in Florida while holding on to my property and breaking the law. If you are being ignored, holding hostage of items is against the law and punishable. She is also recently listed as the owner of another property, a condo worth almost a quarter mil. BTW the house? approx.... $500,000. I recently found the so-called agent who has nothing to do with transport of any kind. ALL their agents are lawyers. I was finally able to track down the correct info and encourage you to sue the pants off this company who use your money to fund their lifestyle. You can sue in small claims for up to $15,000 and can email me directly at if you have a question. So far I have them linked to several companies and decided that instead of threats, to turn it all over to EVERY SINGLE AGENCY.

The agent is not as advertised on their site. Transit USA does not exist but was formed only to evade all your NEGATIVE reviews. The one I found so far, same thing. I see they have done this many times but one thing they cannot change is the property address which was bought unlawfully. That too I'm requesting an investigation on. That what they deserve for ignoring calls and being rude and I'm sure that Lisa goes by another name depending on the company. She needs to do time along with the owners. Take pics, and document it all. Now the info:

Robert Spears (agent) who's in DeKalb County so file your claim there and not in Gwinnett.
Thomarson Spears & Robl: Spears Jr Robert E
104 Cambridge Ave
Decatur, GA 30030
Even better, it can all be done online through the forms generator so you don't have to leave the house. Its EASY!!! You do need to add 35.00 for the Marshall though. So fill out and print, making sure you have a copy for yourself. Add $35. money order only, no cash and ship it off. That's it. I did mine priority mail so I can track and get updates so i suggest it. Plus the label can be done right on They are given time to respond but you can be sure that once they are served, there will be a case. If they offer anything after you file, unless it's accompanied by the amount you request, tell them to kiss your ass. Once you show up, the case stays on file as a public record and others will see it. They know they cannot keep items over a money dispute so they may promise to bring it and leave you hanging. Then you have to do it all again. A judge is the only way to ensure you get your stuff, then you can look for damage and drag them back to court for that too. Fight fire with fire. I will be posting this info everywhere until I receive my items be it judge or not. In the meantime, I'll keep looking but this gives you your things back at least. They sure made it difficult to find him but all it did was make me even more determined to end the theft ring. I will keep you informed and will try to answer as soon as possible if you send me an email. GOOD LUCK!

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