Charming Movers Says Pre Existing Condition Won't Pay

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Charming Movers Says Pre Existing Condition Won't Pay

Postby mommyx6kids » Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:17 pm

Finally a nearly a month after our move Charming Movers responded via snail mail claiming that the damage we claimed they had done to our home(broken the screen door, the frame and the light fixture) was clearly pre existing and water damage and that they were denying any claim to payment for it. They mentioned nothing about any of the other damages to items I submitted like beds, dollhouse kitchen table, etc. I have emailed them to no responses of course. I intend to file in small claims court on Friday but what am I to expect at this point here? I thought movers who are licensed generally do not want to go the route of small claims court especially because these guys have insurance. How can they get away with refusing to pay for items damaged and saying a brand new screen door just put on right before we moved in was put in was pre existing?

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