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Postby Jimrich007 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:58 pm

Called this company to setup a long distance move.
Everything was going good until I asked them about there License!
I was then attacked by Lisa there office lady that insisted that they were licensed and Insured! I was just asking! She would not give me license numbers? and claimed Tim Brown was no longer the owner and they were under new management.
I got off the phone and called the Public Utilities of California who told me that this company has been warned not to operate and have already been fined in the past for operating without a license. So I called the department of transportation who also has warned Tim Brown is the owner and they are aware that he is operating illegally and that if they pull the truck over for inspection the truck and everything in it {my furniture} will be seized!!!!
I tried to call Tim and Lisa back but she hung up on me as soon as she realized who it was.
Warning this company has no license !!!! Owner has a long criminal record and has no divers license. Tim Brown cannot get a license because he cannot pass the Department of Justice back ground check! BEWARE!


DOT link…

PUC Fine link…

Arrest DUI Hit and RUN…

Theft on JOB over $35,000 worth Jewelry…

Just so nobody thinks I am making any of this up!

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