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I have video of every detail itemized here. These gypsy thieves were too busy stealing to notice the home was ringed with surveillance cameras. They were too stupid to realize I had a hand held recorder running. I have 200 crisl photos of the damage. I have miles of video tape. I am HAPPY and WILLING to mail, email, or fax anybody all of the data.
This outfit: Noahs Ark Moving and Storage and the Sephardic group running it is like dealing with Somali pirates.
Criminal: robbery, theft, conversion, credit card fraud, unlawful restraint, destruction of property. A $2000 move cost me $85,000 in damages.

Problem description:
1- this outfit is a crime-spree on wheels.
2- they took my credit card info and within seconds rang up their fee along with $14,000 in fraud charges using another merchant's ID code. Chase Bank fraud unit told me that the real charges and the fraud charges 'originated from the same source'
3- my move was horrible.
4- a Noah’s Ark thug forced me into my car to drive 9 miles to my bank to withdraw a 'compulsory and advance gratuity' or they would not unload the trucks. All of this conduct mentioned above and below was captured by security video footage.
5- the movers were not professional movers, they were guys that seem to be picked up on street corners. They did not know how to carry a bed or dresser.
6- a very valuable old oil painting 54" x 48" that Noah's packed and stored had two boot-toe holes in it.
7- a valuable Iranian Bokhara rug had a dead rat (mummified) that had chewed its way into the sealed rug, made a nest, chewed the wool and died. The rug was a putrefied mess.
8- There was mouse droppings in many of our stored boxes. Two boxes had large stuffed animals from India- where they use buckwheat seeds as stuffing. The toys were simply chewed rags as the mice has eaten tens-of-thousand of seeds and left the seed hulks, then the mice carried away the toy fabric to make nests.
9- our sealed mattresses and bedding were infested with this new Asiatic stink bug (they are the size of a dime) , thousands of them cascaded out of dressers and mattresses and invaded my home. I took hundreds of photos and videos of this on the day of delivery.
10- The bugs will not die! - they are more difficult to kill than even bed bugs. Six weeks later and the house is a sea of the horrid bugs. If you crush them then you get the 'stink'
11- legs to my $6000 Baker sofa had been smashed off. Noah’s tried to fool us by putting pieces of 2x4's as legs. The sofa has a skirt that goes to the floor so you would not notice this right away.
12- in another case, a dresser's bottom had been smashed off. Noah’s used this gooey aviation glue to try to make a repair. The dresser is ruined because the glue is in large globs all of over the dresser.
13- my home had just been totally restored: walls, new floors, ceilings. Noah’s novice movers left 85 impact points on my new home (gouges, scratches, scrapes, chips, holes) .There is thousands of dollars in repair work to be done now. 14- my king mattress has petroleum spilled on it. The petrol was on the outer covering (packing) and it soaked thru to the box spring. Three cardboard boxes also had oil coated on them.
14: a prized fainting couch and a King's otoman have significant water stains. They are ruined.
15- my lacquer breakfast table is chipped on every surface. This piece the movers dragged up on my brand new red teak deck and they gouged the living heck out of the new deck meanwhile chipped the entire perimeter of the table.
16- Noahs left 'other peoples' furniture at my home. Some pieces I was able to reunite with lawful owner. HOWEVER, I am missing many pieces and boxes- which means my things are ay someone else's home.
17- upon leaving, Noah’s rental truck (no, I did not get two 'Noah's trucks, I got one truck and a Budget rental truck. The Budget rental truck slammed into the exiting security gate and damaged it. Let’s see: fraudulent use of my credit card kidnapping/unlawful restraint (forced into the car by the thug) conversion and theft of my security deposit, damage to my home, damage to my possession loss of my possessions, damage to my security gate, extortion, fear: A crime gang. And if you Google around a man in California who used Noah’s from NYC to LA has an identical story. All of Noah’s addresses they use are UPS store rental mail boxes –except the warehouse in the Bronx which is where the owner, one sales person and Angel (the owner) hide out. There is no fleet of trucks, - at least the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles in New York State in unaware of them .In a nutshell: rats/mice/pestilence/stink bugs, credit card fraud/stolen items, damaged items, severely damaged house/intimidation/criminal extortion, incorrect placement of furniture (eight beds parked in a single room) , and fear. Every last thing on this page has been captured by audio/security video, film and video. This is a criminal gang. Beware. Be scared.

My Name is Mr. XXXXX
email me: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
*Note: personal information removed for safety reasons

I will share the file with any interested party.

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Postby MusicMom » Mon Dec 08, 2014 8:29 am

Where did you move from and to?

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Brilliant, use a bible reference in you name and Christians will believe your moral and on gods side.

There was in illegal and unlicensed mover in KC about 10 years ago that use the name "Gods Movers"

I emailed them and ask if God would approve of them being unlicensed and illegal.

The return email said he was going to call Bill O"rielly if I didn't stop harassment them.

Of course I was hoping Billo would get involved. lol. and I did keep harassing them. Posted everyday on Craigslist right next to their post about Gods movers being illegal.

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