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Postby about_to_be_scammed » Thu Apr 10, 2003 7:04 pm

Thought I should write an update on my posts to the old forum (link above).

After 4 months all my stuff arrived with no problem. OK it took a long time but it was incredibly cheap. At the time I had no idea what i should be paying for moving but now i know I paid 25% of the total cost of using one of the mainstream movers. Normally I would have been terrified of such a cheap price and would have steered well clear. I got quotes from various movers on National Moving network, and as they were all similar and I thought that I had a rough idea on what a move should cost. Later, from friends ,I found out how wrong I was.

OK they bumped up the estimate but there was more than I first guessed. I'm sure they bumped it up higher than what I actually had. I also gave up on any chance of seeing my deposit again, but still my international move cost very little including all these 'extras'

At the end of the day I should be satisfied but I'm not. Reading the posts on here makes me think I was lucky. All the components of the scam happened to me, except the very final sting. Maybe that is because i used the word 'FBI' in a few converstions. I don't know. Perhaps I was lucky or perhaps as has been suggested elsewhere, this site is scaremongering. I really don't know.

All i do know for certain that the next time I do a move I will rent the container and do it all myself.

To those out there that have been burnt. I sympathise, I can see just how easily it can happen. To those out there wondering if things can work out OK. Yes they can and I hope they do for you too.

Thanks to this site for the education.

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