AMSA Meets With FMCSA Director

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AMSA Meets With FMCSA Director

Postby AIC » Wed Apr 02, 2003 3:47 pm

According to the March 28, 2003 issue of AMSA Today, Joe Harrison met with Annette Sandberg, Acting Administrator of the FMCSA, and her staff "to discuss the status and position of AMSA vis-a-vis pending regulation and legislation affecting our industry."

Here's a quote from Harrison: "I also discussed the problem of 'hostage freight', and the difficulties in defining 'hostage freight' as it relates to the 110% rule from the perspective of a legitimate mover."

In other words, AMSA is trying to convince FMCSA that its now-admitted practice of exempting itself from (i.e., breaking) the 110% rule every now and then -- based solely on the perception by the "legitimate mover" that "legitimate circumstances" at destination exist for ignoring the requirement that the moving company "defer demand for the payment of the balance of any remaining charges for a period of 30 days" -- is just a VERY COMPLICATED ISSUE. AMSA also thinks that, because of those same "legitimate circumstances" faced by the "legitimate mover," a "not to exceed" bid is not really a ceiling on final charges for getting a customer's goods off the truck and all the way into the customer's home.


Mr. Harrison, it is the practices of your "legitimate industry" that have put you in this position. Deal with it.

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