honolulu to mainland (a review of island movers)

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honolulu to mainland (a review of island movers)

Postby helgaD » Fri Jul 19, 2019 7:50 pm

I searched for a review of "island movers", a company that provides a moving service from Hawaii to mainland, and found nothing.

I'd like to share my experience with them briefly.

We used their door-to-door service for a studio apartment size move and chose the least covering insurance, which covers items by their weight (for example 60 cents per pound). This was a big mistake although we didn't think so at the time of decision making, because we were willing to risk any *damages* that may occur during the move. What we did not expect was a missing items by *theft*.

Three movers showed up and they were packing things efficiently. One was older and more experienced. The other two were young, like 19 or 20 year-old.

There were two new things we purchased in Hawaii: a mattress and an espresso machine.

We invested in a nice mattress which was less than a year old then. We told the movers to pack it in its original box with its original packing material, which we carefully stored to protect our investment. Same with the coffee maker. We saw them put it in our vanpack, which was nailed shut in front of us once full.

When we received the vanpack at our new home in mainland (after a month or so), the mattress was gone. The espresso machine was also gone. I was pretty upset.

They were THE TWO NEW things we purchased in Hawaii!

Obviously somebody broke into our vanpack and took them. I suspect the movers who packed our stuff, because the theft was selective. The only two missing items were our almost brand-new premium mattress and again almost brand-new espresso machine, which they knew. However, unfortunately, there is no way to prove this.

They blamed their mainland partner. They are only willing to compensate us by the 60 cents per pound policy (which we thought would apply to damage) for the theft. We had to call them to get updates on the investigation. (They never called us to give updates even though we requested that.)

It took about a year to a final settlement. Their mainland partner paid a significant chunk of it.

Years have passed, but I am still upset about this and I hope my experience with them helps anyone considering island movers.

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