In the process of being ruined

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In the process of being ruined

Postby farbeyondmetal » Fri Jul 19, 2019 4:25 am

So, my stuff has been held for 11 days now in an undisclosed warehouse. They haven't asked for money or disputed the amount of items reported vs the amount picked up, they just WONT SHIP MY STUFF!!!! I have already paid these people 75% of the total bill.

Every day I get a different answer on why my stuff is still sitting in this undisclosed, unprotected warehouse and why the last truck had a problem but its going on the next one. Literally everything I own is with them, I don't even have a pot to piss in here. I was stupid enough to let these people handle expensive equipment as well as all my sentimentals and now I am starting to think I will never get it back. Their contract states they have 30 days to deliver and if anything goes wrong I am covered "60 cents per pound per article".

I pretty much have accepted the fact that if my stuff ever shows up, all the valuables will probably either be gone or broken.

Can anyone make some suggestions? Is it too early to file a FMCSA complaint?I am scared to list the company name in fear they will see this and make my life even more difficult. What to do????????

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