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I have read through all of your very helpful information - thank you. I am currently considering 2 moving companies. In the Motor Carrier Details on the FMCSA site, one company has listed under "Authority Status": COMMON: none, CONTRACT: Active, BROKER: none along with "NO" listed under all 3 of these categories for "Application Pending." The 2nd company has COMMON: active and both CONTRACT and BROKER: none, also with NO under all 3 categories for "Application Pending." So the only difference is the Authority Status.

Can you explain the difference between Contract and Common authority? And should I be concerned about either being a red flag? Your website mentions "Your mover needs to have at the very least 'Common' listed as active." Is it a problem for a moving company to be listed as only a "Contract" authority? I am leaning toward the company that has Contract Authority as active.

Thank you!

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