Chicago to San Jose (CA) : Allied vs United

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Chicago to San Jose (CA) : Allied vs United

Postby MountCago » Sat Jun 02, 2018 3:09 am

Hi everyone,

I am moving from Chicago to San Jose, CA and am trying to decide between United Van Lines (All Chicagoland Moving and Storage) and Allied Van Lines (Reebie Storage and Moving). I have a junior bedroom apartment, am not taking my bed with me and therefore my move is small. United has quoted $3025 and Allied has quoted $1941 (both with full insurance coverage and both offering container service).

The prices are substantially different and I am wondering what might be causing this! What might I be missing/overlooking if I go with Allied/Reebie? Should I prepare myself for hidden charges showing up in the final bill ? United strictly needs me to stick with one container to get the $3025 but Allied/Reebie state that if my stuff exceeds one container, they will pack the remaining stuff in another container at nor extra charge. What am I missing ?

Look forward to your opinion and inputs.

Thank you!

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Chicago to San Jose (CA) : Allied vs United

Postby chaz4moving » Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:42 am

Not quite sure why there is such a difference in cost. Thinking it might have to do with a different minimum weight being used to compute the charges. Are both companies quoting the same weight for your shipment? Is there a difference in the pickup and delivery dates on the estimates you received? If yes, that could also be a factor in the price difference. Both Allied & United, as well as the local Chicago agents, Reebie and All Chicagoland, are reputable companies so I think you will be OK with choosing either mover. Wish you the best with making your decision. Hope your moves goes smoothly.
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Re: Chicago to San Jose (CA) : Allied vs United

Postby Jeff.Walker » Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:15 pm

Both companies belong to Van Lines, so I don't think they're out to price gouge you in your move. Your move is also small, and so they're not going to make much off of it.

I would ask each sales rep to break down their costs so that you can see what the difference is. It could be that labor costs are more with one than another, or it could be just that the estimator for one may be less experienced that the other, and was unsure on what to charge. When in doubt, ask and see what your mover tells you. From there you can gauge if you have the whole story or not.

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