Discussion: Where are people moving?

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Discussion: Where are people moving?

Postby Jeff.Walker » Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:22 pm

So, in our neck of the woods, it's been a really unusual year. We had our house on the market for several months, then learned that there were 400+ houses on the market (roughly 1% of our small town) and later learned that only 12 - 15 of those had sold this summer. In terms of being a real estate agent in our market, they are STARVING right now. We eventually pulled our house off the market to do some more work and try again in a couple of years.

SO..... ! That brings me to my discussion topic for the week. As I've been speaking with moving companies country wide, I'm getting mixed messages from around the country. some places do seem to be doing well this summer, and in fact possibly are doing better than the previous year. However, there are many markets like mine, which just seem stagnant.

1. How is the market doing in your area?
2. Any thoughts on why that might be the way it is?
3. Do you think it has to do with market conditions, and why?

Once again, nobody has ever died from discussing their view here, so please jump in!

Thanks in advance!

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