Typical Weight Allowance Credit per CWT

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Typical Weight Allowance Credit per CWT

Postby adamcswant » Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:05 pm

I'm moving here in just about 10 days and Mayflower gave me a quote of $9100 for 15.4k lbs. from Southern California to Texas. After reading the whole contract and looking around forums, the only thing that I'm a little alarmed with is the price per CWT for my shipment being underweight. They put $19 per CWT. Everyone else asking questions about the credit seems to have prices in the $30+ range. Should I be trying to negotiate a higher price? What is a typical price? :hmm:

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Re: Typical Weight Allowance Credit per CWT

Postby promover2 » Mon Jul 23, 2012 9:41 pm

Lots of factors go into the rate of reduction for a not-to-exceed household goods quote. I am not positive, but my understanding is that these are set rates built into the tariff. I have seen everything from the high teens to the low 30s. I belive the origin, destination, weight and dates (possibly other factors) affect the rate. It does appear you would be at the lower level of the spectrum, but your rate is in the ballpark. I would ask for a higher rate of reduction and compare them on two or three quotes.

Also, don't forget to ask if your valuation charges (if you purchased Full Value Protection) will decrease as well. There are breakpoints, so you may need to decrease to a certain number to make the next lower rate.

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Re: Typical Weight Allowance Credit per CWT

Postby BillAdams » Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:33 am

Ask for a higher CWT credit for shipping less weight.
Second option is to ask for a non-binding price. That way, they'll charge for exact weight - not a credit back from the estimate weight.
Real example: 14,500lbs = $9256.87; 13,500lbs = $8746.05.
Difference is $510.82 (or $51.08 CWT).

If you don't plan to ship less than the estimated weight, and you prefer a NTE price, stick with the first plan.
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