Something I Have noticed recently

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Something I Have noticed recently

Postby BigLeeCalif » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:20 pm

Living in Southern California, and traveling all over the state frequently, I have noticed several things that I thought I would share.

I see all the major van lines and well known independent movers represented on the freeways and city streets during the hours you would expect to see movers conducting business, with the exception of on the rural interstate trucks are moving from city to city.

But when I have occasion to travel to Los Angeles, I notice a different pattern. In addition to your standard movers, there's another moving society that comes out after dark. I never see them during the day, but I have seen them on the roads on Friday nites, Saturday day and night, and Sundays day and night. They are all the fancy named movers... "we get'er done right... Crystal Ball Movers, Fancy Dancy movers [none of these names are factual, to protect the guilty until they are exposed]. There are also a great number of moving trucks with no identification at all.

The disheartening thing about this scenario is that they wouldn't be working weird hours on the weekend if there weren't those out there that provide the need for clandestine moving. Landlords know of whom I speak.

I say this to those considering hiring a mover. Do your homework. If a company says they can move you on Saturday or Sunday night, but not on a Tuesday morning, there's something fishy going on. Most people don't discover that until they have problems, but since the mover is outside normal operations, no one is at the PUC to complain to.

In California, you can go to Click on the transportation tab, then on moving companies.

Under moving companies, you will see another link to search the list of moving companies to see if a carrier is licensed.

Do not be fooled if a carrier says they were just put on the list. The PUC keeps that list up to date, and if there are questions, just call and ask an enforcement officer.

Doing your homework can see you headaches.

This is true no matter what state you are in. Contact your state regulatory agency and you should be able to do the same research.
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Re: Something I Have noticed recently

Postby PaigeHolden » Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:22 pm

Well said, Big Lee. We see the same thing here in NJ/NYC.
Paige Holden

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