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new review of Silverback Moving

Postby Smith.5267 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:16 am

Silverback Moving (Schea Van Lines) did well over $10,000 in damage to our property, and has not responded to our claim of damages; screening phone calls and ignoring emails for 30+ days.

Schea Van Lines managed our move from Columbus to Cleveland; however, Silverback Moving showed up to execute the move. During the move, the staff ran out of shrink wrap, and could only cover our furniture with blankets. They promised to fully wrap everything when it went into storage. This did not happen. Upon arrival to our new home, pieces came off the truck unwrapped, chipped, broken and damaged beyond repair.

The boxes packed in the truck were dropped and handled in a less than professional manner; based on the significant dents, collapses and tears in the cardboard. This is beyond the damage consistent with normal handling. Upon opening the boxes, the damage to our property continued.

The added pleasure has been the discovery of multiple cockroaches in our belongings.

The worst personal violation was finding that our property had been rummaged through. We found items from latched bins scattered about the truck, purses and personal property turned inside out and searched and jewelry boxes had been ripped apart. The appearance of the truck, and the treatment of our property is nothing short of negligence.

Since our move, we have filed a claim for damages with Silverback Moving, and the owner Cam Schea. To date, we have had no response from the company in any form. They have screened our calls and emails go unanswered. I have escalated this case with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and will pursue legal action if necessary.

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