new review of Interstate Relocation Systems

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new review of Interstate Relocation Systems

Postby DoNotUseInterstate » Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:14 pm

Seriously, do not use Interstate Relocation Systems. We had a move earlier this year. Once the contract is signed, the nice and trustworthy salesperson \"Steve\" disappeared, and was replaced by two rude and nasty and vicious \"customer service\" persons. We were having a legitimate bank issue with sending a wire (required for he second payment), but the two nasty customer service people could not care less, and instead told us that we would be charged for storage at the rate of $100/day (for only 600 c.f. of stuff - it\'s the storage that is the scam!). Once the items were delivered, many things were broken, including things that were bubble-wrapped so well that they could survive a nuclear blast. For example, the each piece of china was bubble wrapped twice and stacked securely in a box marked \"fragile\" everywhere and that was reinforced by 2 inch foam walls, top, and bottom. Still several pieces of china were broken - it had to be that this box was dropped 6\' from the truck to the floor. It was not the cheapest move either - similar to the Arjun review, Steve underquoted and the move ended up costing $1500 more. I believe so strongly that interstate was terrible that I will keep checking my email at with any of your questions.

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