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new review of Priceline Moving & Storage

Postby alisuwanee » Wed May 17, 2017 4:32 pm

We wasted so much time with this company. They calculated $6589.50 over the phone and made me pay a downpayment of $1983 up in front. The day of moving after 10 days they came and after quick 15 minutes surgery they said this is going to cost $20,000 with discount it comes down to $16,500. At that point we said ok we want our money back the discrepancy is unacceptable. I receive a a barrage of phone calls from their representative one of them calls me a lier because when I said a king and queen bedrooms I did not mention these bedrooms have headboard...etc. In a nutshell, they lowered the price to $14000 but we still said no. We would rather lose our $2000 than trust you with anymore service. In a nutshell, if they call you block their number. They are everything they said about other companies. They lie, they insult, they deceive and they never stop calling. It\'s a nightmare. We decided to hold the move and go to the new place without our furniture for a while. Stay away from this company it\'s bad, really bad. Very unprofessional, in my opinion the least they could have done is to refund us and apologize and wish we never go online.

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