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new review of Chipman Relocations

Postby eonchontay » Thu May 11, 2017 8:39 am

Avoid this company like the plague. They send inexperienced packers and devil-may-care drivers to transport your belongings. They were hired by my apartment complex to move and store resident belongings during recent apartment renovations. During the removal process Chipman\'s packers didn\'t bother to cover mattresses and box springs or protect dressers with moving blankets. Household items were merely stuffed into boxes without protective coverings or lids. Many of my neighbors\' items ended up being broken or missing and their garbage cans were stored with garbage still in it. As a result: Boxes came back with roach infestations.
Chipman\'s driver told me property from \"somewhere else\" was being moved in the same truck that was designated for my neighbors and me. When I heard and saw these things, I intervened to stop Chipman from moving my items in their large truck or storing my belongings in their storage facility. They were under obligation to move my furnishings, so I insisted on a separate truck and my own private storage unit. I maintain a beautifully decorated apartment. I have custom-made furnishings, Tiffany lamps and Howard Miller wall and mantle clocks. As Chipman inventoried my furnishings: they listed every single item with a reference code indicating my furnishings were \"rubbed, scratched, dented, badly worn and/or water damaged.\" A brand new wrought iron and glass dining table was logged in as \"dented and water damaged!\"
Mislabelling resident’s belongings to indicate damage where there is no damage is fraud. This fraudulent behavior greatly disadvantages the customer when a damage claim needs to be settled. Chipman should be ashamed of themselves for engaging in such underhanded tactics, and for propounding this unlawful conduct on senior citizens.
Chipman\'s only responsibility was to pack and load my household items in a segregated truck for transport to a nearby private storage facility. They couldn\'t even do that right. Between my apartment and their truck (that was parked just below my window) several of my boxes went missing.
After I requested my property be treated with respect: their packers and drivers mocked, taunted and threatened me. Police reports were filed by other senior residents and me. One of Chipman’s higher ups, tried to keep me from moving back into my apartment on my contracted return date. He told me to delay my return for several days because \"my movers would be in the way of (their) movers!\" Chipman turned us senior citizens into such nervous wrecks that my doctor advised me to leave my apartment until Chipman was finished with all of their responsibilities at my complex.
Chipman entered into an unethical contract with my apartment building owners giving us seniors only 2 weeks to unpack, inspect everything and file a claim. This arrangement was in contravention of the California Public Utilities Commission which mandates consumers have up to 9 months to file a moving claim. I paid a Chipman representative packer cash for Full Value Insurance, however when I tried to file a claim Chipman did nothing but deny, deny, deny responsibility. When I told Chipman their employees lost several of my boxes, they accused me of having friends or family steal my things.
However, one of Chipman’s drivers recently returned 3 of my missing boxes. NINE MONTHS LATER! The boxes were clearly marked with my apartment number, but they were given to a senior resident in an altogether different building. They were some of the very boxes Chipman claimed not to have.
I\'m in the process of filing complaints against Chipman with the BBB and the California Public Utilities Commission (1 800 366-4782.) I\'m also filing a lawsuit against the company and Tom Chipman, the owner.

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