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new review of Imove USA Inc

Postby LouSC » Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:22 pm

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES HIRE THIS COMPANY!!! I hired this incompetent and fradulent mover to move from NJ to SC. I only had a 2 room apartment worth of furniture. The \"binding\" estimate by \"Roy\" (who uses an alias for obvious reasons) was $2100. It was $100 more than an estimate I received but \"Roy\" said they over shoot \"just in case\". After all my stuff was loaded, one of the movers said it was more than they thought and the price was now $3400!!! I freaked out and had to argue with Adam, (who runs the company) for an hour. I had to agree to pay the extra $1300, or pay for them to unload everything!!! I had to pay their blood money. When they finally got to my place in SC, there were 3 missing boxes of possessions that can never be replaced, AND they damaged beyond repair a brand new bedroom dresser and end table costing $2000!! 6 MONTHS LATER, THEIR \"INSURANCE COMPANY\" SAYS THEY WILL PAY ME A TOTAL OF $80 FOR THE OVERCHARGE, DAMAGE AND MISSING ITEMS!!!! They claim the overcharge isn\'t admissible because I decided to not have them unload everything!!! Needless to say, I\'ll be contacting the BBB, hiring an attorney and writing reviews like these hopefully to prevent others from being ripped off by these horrible people!!

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