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new review of Social Moving Group

Postby Sodamnbad » Sat Apr 01, 2017 8:40 am

I contacted Ben of Social Moving Group (SMG), Norcross, GA regarding a move from Carson, California to West Palm Beach, Florida. I contacted him because I had previously used this company to move my son from Atlanta, GA to California. During that move Ben came to my son\'s residence in Atlanta, surveyed the goods, and provided a price estimate. The move went as planned and the price never changed. My son\'s goods were delivered without any damage.That led me to trust Ben and the company.

Upon my move to Florida, Ben analyzed my goods by telephone. I went from room to room and told him what furniture I wanted to be moved. Ben provided an estimate of $3,900, which included the furniture and up to 75 boxes. I agreed and provided a $500 deposit. Pick up date was scheduled for February 25, 2017. Unbeknownst to me, Ben acted as a broker and subcontracted the job. He never informed me about this. I thought that SMG was picking up and delivering my goods.

On moving day, February 25, another moving company (United Moving & Storage) came to my residence in California, accessed my goods, and said the cost would be $8,000. Words cannot explain the anguish and betrayal I felt. I told the representative from United that I could not afford to pay $8,000. The United rep told me than Ben had charged me an high rate at $7.00 per square cubic feet, and that my goods would require twice the space provided in the estimate. The United rep and Ben were on the phone on and off for about an hour before the United rep indicated that $6,000 was the final price. I initially said no, but eventually agreed because everything had been packed and my plane to Florida was leaving in just a few days. I didn\'t have time to find another company. I had to pay one half of the balance at that time.

I called Ben. I was livid. He basically told me that I could have found another company. He said that the United rep indicated I had big furniture. I expressed to him how unfair this was: for a customer to have to experience such a shock on moving day. I questioned him about big furniture as opposed to medium or small furniture, since he never asked me about the size of my furniture. I told him an estimate should never be $2,000 more than a quote. I expressed how unprofessional and deceptive this is.

My goods arrived on March 10th by a company called Honest and True Moving. I have no idea how many times my goods have been transferred from one location to another. Much of my furniture is heirlooms of high value. My furniture arrived on March 10th. My furniture was damaged to a degree where some of it had to be trashed. The movers from United wrapped tape on my antique leather sofa and chair. The color came off when the movers from Honest and True Moving removed the tape. The movers indicated that the furniture was poorly packed and should have been wrapped in plastic, and not taped. The leather on my furniture was aged as if it had been outdoors in extreme weather for an extended period of time. The box spring of my king sized mattress was so filthy until I had to trash it. A leg was broken and the frame was cracked on my antique chair. A leg was broken on my metal table. A leg was broken on my nightstand table and the marble top was also broken. Two antique mirrors were broken. A decorative tree was destroyed. A vintage floor lamp was broken beyond repair. My brand new lamp shades were destroyed. Additionally, I didn\'t receive a couple of boxes, and didn\'t realize it until I had completely unpacked.

I would never recommend this company to anyone. My advice to anyone moving, especially across county, is to hire a full service moving company that will come out and physically access your goods. Inquire into if they will contract the job or do it themselves. I honestly thought that SMG was that type of company, but it is far from it. SMG is an unprofessional and dishonest company. They should have told me that the job was being subcontracted and I would have never used them.

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