new review of Silverback Moving

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new review of Silverback Moving

Postby bossyt2016 » Mon Jul 07, 2014 2:22 pm

I wish I could have known more about this company before hand and chose a completely different moving company. My furniture was damaged and six weeks later the issue is still not resolved. I have had zero contact with the insurance company and Silverback has avoided my multiple calls and emails. Silverback truly needs to correct the problem. When you pay your money for a service you have expectation of quality my expectation was not met and I feel that I am being further victimized by this company. I refuse to give up on receiving compensation for the damages they caused. I am not asking for anything other than what is owed to me. I am prayerful that they will do the right thing and stop playing games. Please don't use this company. This is the Worst Moving Company Around they give you COMPLETELY FALSE ESTIMATES. Tell YOU THERE IS A DISCOUNT IF YOU PAY CASH. One mover stayed on his cell phone with his girlfriend most of the time then asked for a tip.. The owner charged me more than TRIPLE his quote. Saying my things were heavy, and putting a strain on his men therefore my move took longer... if my things were not heavy then I would have moved them myself! I told them I had heave oak furniture and glass tables these are just average things they assured me the men could move them and meet my given estimate of $450-$650. My final price was $1949.00!!! And to top it off they damaged my walls, floors, broke one of the glass tables, chipped my oak dresser, and DROPPED MY FLAT SCREEN!!! Not even letting me know! I would not dare use or Recommend them Ever Again! I agree with other customers saying they need to be shut Down!!! SILVERBACK I WILL NOT STOP POSTING REVIEWS ABOUT YOUR SCAM OF A COMPANY UNTIL MY ITEMS ARE REPLACED AND MY MONEY THAT IS OWED TO ME IS REFUNDED.

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Re: new review of Silverback Moving

Postby MusicMom » Mon Jul 07, 2014 3:36 pm

I'm guessing this was a local move within MI? Local moves can change in price depending on how long it actually takes to move. I do understand from your description why you think the length of time was unacceptable.

As for the insurance claim, did you purchase any additional valuation? If not, then your things will be covered at 60 cents per pound of weight of the damaged item. In this case, heavy oak furniture may actually pay off. It's not going to be anywhere near the value of the piece, though.

Since you've given them 6 weeks and they haven't given you a claims form, contact the insurance company directly.

Cargo Insurance Policy #024058125
Address: 503 CARR RD, 3RD FLOOR
Telephone: (888) 609 - 7046
Fax: (302) 830 - 4533

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