new review of Alliance Moving Services

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new review of Alliance Moving Services

Postby mathar » Wed May 21, 2014 8:07 pm

This is the WORST company I have the misfortune to have dealt with. I usually don't write negative reviews but I want to make sure someone out there reads this and saves themselves a lot of trouble, money and upset.
They are extremely unprofessional, never showed up and didn't answer my calls when I called to ask whether they meant to keep to the contract or not. They changed their attitudes the moment they had the money and stopped returning messages.
I was moving from MI to NH and I booked them earlier on in the month and specifically asked the salesperson (Jordand) what date I should book on to get all my stuff by the 23rd in NH since I was traveling out on the 22nd. He said he would put me down for the 19-20th. Once he got the deposit and my credit card info, I did not hear back from him again. On the 19th, when no one called or showed up by late afternoon, (they had told me they would call me 6hrs in advance), I called them and was informed they had until the next day to pick up my stuff so I needed to be patient (oh! Did I mention the operators are super rude?).
On the 20th, no one had called me until 2 pm, so I called them back. I got to speak with the dispatch supervisor (John Edwards) who informed me that they didn't have a truck available for me as the person who they were picking stuff from before me had tripled her moving items than as mentioned in her contract without prior notice and OFCOURSE they couldn't leave her stuff - the ironic part is that he didn't get it when I asked If it had been appropriate to leave my stuff even though we had a contract. After complaining to me that 'clients always lie about how much stuff they have' and even though I asked why this should be my fault when I have the exact number of items I had listed, I was told that he will try to find another truck and call me by the end of the day. I was upset so I called them back to talk to a supervisor and was connected with a most incompetent person named Mark (Claims dept) who abruptly connected me back to John Edwards. He would not call back at the time he stated and when I called, I was put on hold for 20-30mins. He bothered to call me that day atleast with a promise to call by noon on the 21st. Not hearing back on the 21st (surprise, surprise), I called numerous times to speak with anyone about my issue and the operators (who were super nasty) kept putting me off saying that Mark was busy and would call me when he had time. And, that there was no other person to deal with.
By evening, I am panicking and had to arrange for something else (which cost me DOUBLE on such short notice), changed my flight for the 24th. Called all the people who were counting on me to show up in NH on the 22nd. When I call Alliance to cancel the order and ask for a refund, the operator doesn't even bother connecting me to a customer service rep. and instead tells me she'll do it and I'll get my refund. I suppose by now she was sick of me calling as she was having to actually work. Oh and Thanks- what about the double amount I have to pay for the stuff I have to now move last minute because you guys broke your word as per our deal on that contract?? Needless to say after this emotional upheaval and financial disaster having to deal with this totally unprofessional company, I will be putting up this review on all the review websites I can find online.
Do not use Alliance moving services if you are smart.

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Re: new review of Alliance Moving Services

Postby MusicMom » Thu May 22, 2014 7:42 am

I'm really sorry that you had to go through such a stressful time.

I will tell you that I strongly believe you actually dodged a bullet, and what you think was twice the cost is likely the price you would have paid in the end after they jacked up your costs. If you look at the complaints lodged against AMS, they follow the typical scam, giving an estimate over the phone or internet (which is how the person before you ran over her allotted space, because she was given a bum estimate by someone that couldn't be bothered to come and look at everything to be moved and simply relied on an untrained person to list every single item in her house), arriving and saying "you have more stuff than you told us about!", then doubling or tripling the price, taking a month to deliver, and damaging the goods in the process.

AMS is both a carrier and a broker, and both licenses come with complaints for just this problem.

Send a certified letter, return receipt requested, to the address listed on your paperwork, formally requesting the return of your receipt for their failure to provide services. If you don't get your refund within 2 weeks, which is a reasonable timeframe, then file a chargeback on your credit card.

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