new review of Regions Van Lines Inc.

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new review of Regions Van Lines Inc.

Postby tmlamb12 » Mon May 12, 2014 11:33 am

I normally don't write reviews but if I can save someone the pain I went through so be it. READ all of the reviews! There are complaints for a reason! I went with these guys because seemed like the lessor of the evils. Boy was I WRONG:

First I would like to say Dennis was the only helpful individual through this entire ordeal. Yes I say ordeal. After a 3 hour delay for pickup (was to be there at 12 showed at 3) and 8 hours later of loading it was explained to me that John grossly underestimated my quote. It went from $1900 to $3100! John had said it could go up a bit and that I was prepared for but a $1200 difference no. I had no choice at that point since all of my items were on the truck and I was told that I would lose my deposit if I chose for them to unload (Also to mention is was nearing midnight). John also had stated there would be 3 guys to load & 1.5 showed up. I would assume that this process has been done several times and I could have been told prior to loading that my quote was getting ready to go up drastically. I would have cancelled the job and went with my local guy that quoted me a not to exceed of $2300 total. I explained to John that I have big furniture and though our inventory list was similar the size of furniture was not taken into account. After reading many of the reviews and stories from others this seems to be a trend. I was told by John and Dennis my items would be delivered between 7-10 days from pickup. Again this was not the case. After calling numerous times and getting several different answers it was explained they had up to 20 days to deliver. John sent me the document and I should have read what I was signing but again went on what I was told. My delivery started on the Sunday the 4th. I was called via Sergi and he said he would be to my place on Monday by 4:00p. He also stated that he would call me that morning and give me an update. once 2:00 rolled around I sent him a txt asking for an update. He called me and said "Oh I thought Mario called you and let you know I was having truck problems so I will be there tomorrow." Of course no call was made by Mario and that part of my complaint will come later. Tuesday Sergi said that he would again be to the house around 4 so I prepared to leave work early, again. When I text him to confirm he said "Oh closer to 6 now." He finally showed a bit after 7. Once there he took the monies owed and asked me if I knew about the "Stairs Policy" I said no. He proceeded to tell me that I owed him more money because of the stairs. I of course went into instant hysteria and said no, "I explained to John that this was a townhouse with 2 flights of stairs". It is also written on the quote so I know it was communicated. He went outside and called Mario to complain that I was not going to pay more and that the 20' walk to the door and the 2 flights were considered excessive and I needed to pay more. He handed the phone to me and Mario had the nerve to ask me if I would "Pay the guys a little extra" so that they would deliver my items. I HAD NO MORE MONEY! I had to borrow the overage in the first place. Sergi refused to take my items inside and at this point I really didn't care. I wanted it off of the truck and would move it inside myself and that is exactly what happened with 80% of the items. After a lot of back and forth and me threatening to call the police for holding my items hostage he and his assistant unloaded our belongings onto the sidewalk and my husband, one of our neighbors (thank God) and myself moved everything into the house. So not only did I overpay now I am doing all of the labor as well. This by far was the worse experience I have ever had in my life! I will be filing a complaint with the BBB as well as any and all websites that I can. Now on to the damages,
Front Load W&D 2yrs old $1200 was taped and the tape is stuck as well as damaged all sides
King Mattress 4 yrs old $3000, there are 3 cuts on the bottom and the way it was handled all of the foam and springs have been broke in the middle.
Plastic shipping containers $50 all the handles were broken and or the plastic had holes busted into. (Sergi explained well that happens)

I would like to be recompensed for not only the damages but the overestimate of the quote to do business. This will also cover the costs of lost time from work as well as doing Sergi's job.

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