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new review of Moovers Inc.

Postby mikesuefle » Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:29 pm

March 21st marks one year since our move from N. CA to IA using Moovers and National Van Lines. In summary, probably one of the best moves we made, altho not without incident.
• Moovers did an excellent job of setting up the move, coordination, packing and loading of our household goods
• Transportation was on time and the delivery scheduled within a window that accommodated the close and possession of our new home
• Unloading went well until my tool chest rolled of the truck to the ground, a four foot drop
• Unpacking we found that an antique lamp had been broken, most likely upon delivery
• Our claim for compensation for damaged items ($500) was paid without complaint and promptly
• Total move cost to us (before the claim payment) was $8,797 on a weight of 13,880 pounds shipped, insured at full replacement value, no deductible. Our cost estimate was $10,178. However, we did 90% of the packing of boxes ourselves, not figured in the estimate.
The Moovers salesperson was out at our home in N. CA the same day that we called for an estimate and walked the entire house (4 bedroom, 2,000 sqft) and yard identifying what was going and what was staying. We did not take any appliances or large pieces of furniture, but we had a lot of storage in the garage that was to be shipped. At the time we indicated that we were doing most of the packing in boxes on our own but that did not seem to affect the way in which the estimate was calculated. For example, packing a flat screen TV at $125 was shown on the estimate where we said we would do.
Mike Graham, the driver for National Van Lines, showed up promptly on the packing date with a uniformed crew who spent most of the day packing remaining items that we did not. These included high value fragiles and heavy pottery, well as furniture, mattresses and other large items that needed wrapping rather than boxing. All went well with the packers asking questions where there was any issues or concerns. Very pleased with Mike and his crew in this part of the operation. The following day the crew was back to load, without incident. Post-load cleanup was done very well leaving only that which we needed to do for the new owner. We ended up with 17 inventory sheets, 494 lines of listed household goods packed and loaded.
The driver, Mike Graham, called us from the road to set up a delivery schedule since we were coordinating with the close on our new place. There was concern on our part that the van would arrive too early before the close and have to place our goods in storage. However, were assured that they (National) would accommodate our delivery timetable requirements.
The driver had to hire locals to help unload. Unfortunately, these individuals were not of the quality of the Moovers folks who loaded, less acquainted with the professionalism and care that we noted in the Moovers crew. Items were carelessly handled, allowed (as indicated in the summary) to fall off of the truck, and transported roughly by hand truck. It is here I believe the antique vase was broken, the one item (of a pair) that we were particularly concerned with and had Moovers pack. Mike Graham was sympathetic and advised us on what needed to be done to file a claim for this and other items eventually found to be damaged. We unpacked all boxes ourselves, finding no breakage in any which we self-packed.
Except for being sent the wrong form on which to file a claim, all went well once the paperwork was done and submitted. No pushback, denial or lack of accountability on the part of National. Of course, we had signed up for the premier coverage and all the damage was on items that Moovers packed or wrapped.
All-in-all, the move was excellent with a minimum of anxiety or contention. Nearly all of our previous move had been corporate so there was little concern on our part that we would be treated right and made whole on any losses. Both Moovers and National Van Lines did a great job and i would do this move with them again despite the damage.

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