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new review of Humboldt International

Postby yates23 » Fri Feb 28, 2014 7:33 am

By way of context, we have moved 3 times in the last 4 years, interstate twice, intrastate once. We have also survived an international move many years ago. This last move, within Massachusetts was with Humboldt.

I got four quotes. If money was not an issue I would have used Hilldrup in a heartbeat. I chose Humboldt because I thought their estimate was more realistic and the estimate seemed more accurate (I had the intrastate move docs from 2012 with weight and number of items).

This was a move from a 2 BR apartment to a 2 BR condo, both elevator buildings, distance of 25 miles. Movers did not show up until after 10 on move day. I had to call the office several times to find out the status. It took all day to pack and arrive at the destination after the set hours for moving. The bed was set up and they left after 8 pm at our insistence so they could have a break.

The foreman was great and knew what he was doing. He had to beg the office to let him come back and finish the job the next day; the office was planning to send a different crew. Unfortunately his crew was not so knowledgeable or efficient. It took all of the next day to finish delivery.

We had prepaid and acknowledged the bill could be higher but were surprised when our credit card was billed additional time without a courtesy notification. We also felt that any extra time was due to the inexperience of the crew and the lack of coordination from the office. We requested an adjustment and a partial adjustment was made.

We had some small damagesm the most serious was the rosewood hutch and scratching of the hardwood floors. They refused to repair the floors because it was not noted in the report at the time of the move. The scratches were under the sectional and were not visible.

I wish it had gone better bu I cannot recommend using this company.

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