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new review of A Smooth Move Moving & Storage

Postby jodigrasso » Sat Feb 22, 2014 8:32 am

I wish I could go negative on Stars. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANY REASON.

We moved from Florida to California. This was our fourth long distance move and it was a HORRIBLE experience. LIES, LIES, LIES are the only thing they are good for. Here are some of the lies I was told and foolishly believed, from Todd, our snake of a salesman (Which, by-the-way, Todd may not be his real name. His card had no last name on it. I wish I had noticed that before we started the move.):

LIE: “We are a small company and if we pack up all your goods, then we cover your furniture at 100% the replacement coverage.”
TRUTH: They never even offer you moving insurance. When I made my claim and talked to the rep. He said, "Sorry, but what you were told is not the case. Verbal contract does not stand up in the state of Florida."

LIE: We take pride in our business and do not hire day laborers on either side of your move. Yes, we have people in California, we move people there all the time.
TRUTH: “Hi there guy-that-is-moving-all-my-belongings-in, How long have you been doing this?” Guy, “Oh, I’m not a mover. I’m just doing it today.” Really, is that why you and the other guy keep dropping all my stuff!

LIE: Our packers will come with high quality boxes and everything you need to pack your house up in 1-2 days.
TRUTH: These boxes were falling apart before they came off the truck. Some were reused from someone else and they had their names and property written on them.

LIE: We will send professional craters to crate 5 of your items.
TRUTH: No, we decided not to crate your stuff. We’re just going to box it. ME: HELL NO! You will not box my big screen TV, large artwork or Stainglass window! I have it on my contract for FIVE crates! Mover: “Ummm, okay, I will have to go to Home Depot and buy some wood.” They used our saw and made three crates wrong because he was math challenged. We got THREE crates - but we needed 5... it did not end well.

LIE:There will be no more costs added to this estimate. NO MAME, we will not ask for more money on moving day.
TRUTH: First thing they asked for was about $2500.

LIE:"This is a big move. I (lying snack of a salesman) always come the first day to make sure everything is going okay."
TRUTH: He made no plans on showing up. In fact he was in Key Largo that day. That’s okay because I told the security in my neighborhood not to let him in the gate.

LIES, LIES, LIES - I think they snake of a sales guy, Todd, thought, "I know, I'll tell this lady the OPPOSITE of everything we ACTUALLY do! She will believe me because I put on this nice-guy, I’m so honest, I’ve been doing this for 19 years, front!"

This was not my first rodeo. Like I said, I've moved many times before. I knew all the right questions to ask... I did not expect to be lied too. The ONLY thing I did right was make him write on my contract that their would be no additional fees. When they showed up to pack my house (4 hours late), they asked for about 2500 more for gas and fees. I pulled out my contract they had written on it, no additional fees. At first, they did not care... so I told them to leave, but then the manager from the Ft.Meyers store told them they had to honor the contract. HA! Of course, the snake of a salesman called me back and tried to get me to pay more... I didn't.

They ruined a lot of our very nice and expensive furniture - 40% of our furniture was damaged. They offered us about 600, which I have not accepted. Our furniture is EXPENSIVE, this covers ONE dresser. We opened boxes with everything just destroyed. I could go on and on!

The packers showed up 4 hours late the first day, then they left after a couple hours because they did not have enough supplies. The next day they were there for 2 hours before they ran out of supplies. The last day, they showed up with extra people and thought they would be there for a couple hours, but didn't because they had a meeting to attend in Ft.Myers (we were about 2.5 hours from ft. myers). The last day they were there very late. Some things were packed well, others were just thorwn into a box. The wrapped my 3000 iMac in a moving banket. The other PC they put in a box woth a bunch of books on top of it. It does not work now.

They ran out of moving blankets about 3/4 through the move. The packers told us, "Don't worry, we are going to repack your truck tomorrow and everything will be in moving balnlets." NOPE! If they took the time to do waht they said, most of our furniture would have arrived just fine. Instead, it was mess!

This was the WORST moving experience.

The West Palm office was horrible to talk to, they were the ones handleing the move. The Ft. Myers office was always very friendly and we helpful in making sure the move happened.

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