new review of Original Hall-Lane Moving & Storage Co., Inc.

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new review of Original Hall-Lane Moving & Storage Co., Inc.

Postby rikkisweep » Tue Feb 18, 2014 9:41 am

I had to write this review to warn others about the dishonesty of Hall Lane. We chose them because of the glowing reviews online, however, we had a completely different experience. When making your moving company choice, please choose a different one. I sure wish we had.

I’ve given them six months for the company to do right by us, before posting this review, but every interaction with Hall Lane has gotten more nasty and rude.

We had Alex come out to give us an estimate for moving our 3 bedroom cape about ten minutes down the road. Alex quoted me $1,700 “on the low end” and $2,400 as a “worst-case scenario.” He seemed relatively honest, and even gave me a line about how the moving industry has a bad reputation for a reason. He told me that anything we could take ourselves would lower the price. I shared the quotes with my husband who decided that he could (with a friend’s help) move most of our stuff ourselves and we’d just use the moving company for the big furniture.

So, I called Alex back and told him that we didn’t need to move the
whole house, just some of the furniture and a fridge, dishwasher, oven, and compact freezer. He called me back and said it would be $1,300 at $170 and hour.

A week before the move, we rented a U-haul and moved everything else out of our house so the movers wouldn’t have to step around the stuff they didn’t need to take. The night before the move, Alex called and said he was going to send five guys and four trucks, instead of the original four guys and one truck, “Because it will be $30 more an hour, but will save you hours in the long run.” When the guys showed up the next day, they said they were charging $235 an hour. I told them that Alex had said it would be $30 more an hour, not $65. The guys said that no one was in the office, but they would make a note on the invoice. We really had no other choice as we had to move that day. We gave them our credit card and I figured that I would have to deal with it later. I called Alex and left a message.

This is where things went bad. Of the five movers, only three actually worked. The other two, while nice, took tons of breaks. The entire job ended up taking 9.5 hours, not the 7 hours “worst-case scenario” that Alex had quoted us and they ended up charging us almost $1,000 more than the $1,300 he had quoted. The total came out to $2,400+, for moving less than half of the stuff in the original estimate. I called Alex’s cell on Saturday (the day we moved), no answer, no response. I called Alex and Hall Lane and left messages on Sunday; no answer, no response. Monday was Labor Day, so I called Alex (no answer) and Hall Lane, but, as it was a holiday, they were not there. On Tuesday, I got an incredibly nasty message from a woman named Myrna saying that we had not paid our bill and if she did not hear from me by the end of the workday, she would be sending us to collections. I was shocked at the nasty tone in the message as this was our first interaction with them and I had been calling about our bill and they were the ones who had been off all weekend.

I called her back and got Myrna’s answering machine. I let her know that we had, in fact, given them our credit card, so our bill had been paid, but I had questions with it. Apparently, the movers forgot to take the credit card form we filled out (and somehow that was our fault). But I told her we wouldn’t be giving her our credit card number again until the bill got reduced as it was about $1,000 over our estimate.

I finally got a call back form Alex who told me he wasn’t sure why the job took so long and would look into it and call me back tomorrow. He never called back. This went on for three weeks of me calling him, him either not responding, or telling me he would find out and get back to me.

After about the 7th phone call, he conveniently “forgot” that he had given me a second estimate in which we had moved most of the stuff and said that the bill was the same as the original estimate ($2,400). After I reminded him that we had moved most of the stuff ourselves from the original estimate, he again went back to the “I’ll get back to you” line.

I kept trying to call them to pay our bill, but they refused to address our complaints. Susan and Myrna were especially nasty. I’ve never had a customer service experience that was rude enough for me to review them online, but these ladies were top notch awful to deal with every time.

Susan Hall even hung up on me, literally mid-sentence as I was trying to explain to her that we wanted to pay and work with them if only they were willing to work with us. I was so stunned that I called her back and asked, “Did we get disconnected or did you just hang up on me?” to which she snarled, “I said we’re done here!” and hung up again. I’d like to note that I wasn’t irate, rude, or nasty at all, and was completely shocked by this.

I called them over ten times trying to work something out with them. I was perfectly willing to pay our bill, but not willing to pay over $1,000 more for workers who did less than half the work of the original estimate. They refused to budge, citing again, and again, that I didn’t have the second estimate in writing, so I must be lying. Admittedly, it was my mistake for being so trusting to take an estimate over the phone. I guess I learned that lesson the hard way.

I don’t really care what’s in writing. This isn’t a legal issue, this is a customer service issue. I care about customer service and Hall Lane has demonstrated none. From not calling back when I had questions about the overcharges to simply ignoring my concerns about the two workers who took many breaks and stretched out the job, to the nastiness of the phone conversations and finally hanging up on me, I have never experienced such a company that is so unconcerned with making their customer’s experience a good one.

Incidentally, I noticed as we were going through this experience that the "glowing" reviews online for Hall Lane are false. There are tons of negative reviews for Hall Lane on sites like Yelp, but they are hidden from view and not factored into their rating and you have to go to the bottom of the page and click on "not recommended reviews" which are all one star. It makes me assume that Hall Lane must pay to have all the negative reviews hidden. Just something to think about when you're looking at other review sites.

At this point, I’ve submitted a claim to the Better Business Bureau, however, Hall Lane’s responses have been nasty. They lie and refuse to respond to any of my complaints.

I truly fail to see why a company would prefer to make an enemy of a client than admit some fault and work toward an amicable solution. However, since that is the choice that they have made, I will make certain that I let everyone know how dishonest this company is, how they will overcharge you, how rude their customer service, and how they simply don’t care whether their movers work to a customer’s satisfaction.

In addition, one thing I’ve learned from reading all of the negative reviews of Hall Lane online is that, if you do choose this company (and I highly recommend that you don’t) make sure not to pay them in hopes of working something out. They will not give you any money back and it seems that it never works out well for any of the other reviewers.

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