information about a recent Graebel move

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information about a recent Graebel move

Postby rjm » Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:19 am

Here is some information about a move we recently made. We hired Graebel, and I've copied a description of our problems from a letter I sent to the company. While this is certainly not a scam, the level of service we received from Graebel was not good.

I would also like to express my displeasure with the level of service provided by Graebel. We were promised by our salesperson, Mary in Pittsburgh, that Graebel was not a freight forwarder, and that Graebel employees would be handling our move the entire time. This was not the case. The loaders did show up on time and the loading went fine. However, we were never able to get a date when our belongings would be delivered even though we were told by you and Mary that the driver would tell us at the time of loading, 7/28/08. However, we were told that Mary grossly underestimated the weight of our belongings by 1800 lbs even though she confirmed that the inventory at the time of loading matched the inventory she based her estimate on during the walk through. You informed us a day after loading that our belongings would leave Pittsburgh on 7/31/08 or 8/1/08 to be delivered on 8/4/08 (the last day of the range of delivery dates Graebel provided).

When we called back on 7/31/08 to determine when our belongings would be delivered, we were informed that no one knew when they would be delivered. We were never notified that there would be a delay. We had to call to determine that there was a delay, and that no one knew when our belongings would be delivered. On 8/1/08 we were finally told that our belongings would be delivered on 8/5/08, a day past the range of dates that we had been given by Graebel. Graebel did pay for one night of a hotel and $50 worth of meals due to the delay. This is one of the few instances where what we were told was actually done.

On 8/5/08 at 7 in the morning a truck marked Panther Express pulled into the driveway of our home. The driver who spoke broken English asked who would be unloading the truck. When I told him that Graebel unloaders were due at 8 or 9, he became belligerent about needing to make another delivery. I had to convince him to wait for the Graebel unloaders. I was very surprised to find that our belongings had been given to a non-Graebel employee for transportation and delivery. I was never told that our belongings were being given to another company. This action seems to indicate that Graebel is a freight forwarder (which was not what we were told by Mary when we hired Graebel). At 10 am, the Graebel unloaders finally arrived (3 hours after the truck). During this time I had to again deal with the angry driver who wanted to make another delivery. The unloading went fine after this. I must say that the loaders/unloaders working for Graebel seem to be excellent service-oriented employees.

My experience with Graebel seems to highlight problems in move planning and communication with the customer that should be addressed.

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Re: information about a recent (bad) Graebel move

Postby Diane » Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:40 am

This is certainly a surprise. Does anybody know what Panther Express is . . . is it a freight company like Yellow or Roadway?
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Re: information about a recent (bad) Graebel move

Postby Rick » Wed Sep 24, 2008 12:21 pm

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Re: information about a recent (bad) Graebel move

Postby Jim » Wed Sep 24, 2008 3:57 pm

This action seems to indicate that Graebel is a freight forwarder

That would not be a logical conclusion to your premise as Graebel is not a freight-forwarder. However, like all movers who got swamped during the period of time you performed your move, they could not personally deliver your items and had to hire Panther to perform the delivery. The fact they were late by one day and compensated you for that delay would seem to indicate they were apologetic about what happened and they tried to make good on it. The lack of communication you're complaining about was their trying to figure out how to get your items to you - would you have rather had them tell you something definite and then not have that happen? How much worse would that have been? Probably a lot.

Now, was anything broken and is there a claim to be filed?
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